Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Reaction Worth Waiting For...

As you recall, the Dead Famous Dog doodles I did so far had little to no effect on disturbing Action Boy. His usual reaction upon finding a scribbled-upon post-it in his office was to casually stroll by my open office door, quietly say Thank You, exchange a few words about mundane topics such as the work schedule, how miserably hot it was outside, and how kewl Comicon was gonna be. Then he'd nonchalantly stroll off, handing more flowers out to the masses.

All of the above done in a deadpan manner that would make statuary look like a Tex Avery cartoon.

But finally, I got a reaction.

I left the below drawing in his office when I knew he was out and about socializing with the rest of the crew:

I got the inspiration for this one from a famous photo on NSFW of a guy whose face appears to have exploded. I'm guessing from an M-80 exploding by his face or failed suicide attempt with a gun, but their caption says motorcycle accident.

Whatever, the results were gruesome enough for the image to stick in my head, and the above doodle resulted.

About an hour after I left the drawing, Action Boy peeks into my office, a mixture of shock, discomfort, and yes, even a little joy etched across his face.

Uh...thanks for the drawing, he mumbled.

You're welcome, I reply.

An awkward moment of silence.

He glances around, uncomfortably shifting his weight from one foot to the other for a few moments, then abruptly leaves.


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