Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Quick and Boring Entry

A few bullet points for your updating pleasure:

  • Work is fucking CRAZY-busy. The schedule stays the same while the scripts get more and more complex and epic. The episode I'm working on right now is funny, but INTENSE work-wise. Hopefully everyone will think it's brilliant when it airs. By the by, the show was picked up for another thirteen episodes, which is a good thing.
  • I love my new motorcycle. LoveloveLOVE it. I don't know what I'm going to do to it to customize a way I'm tempted to do little to it since I like it as-is so much. I've gotten new mufflers that make the bike sound like a Real Harley (stock pipes are so constricted they make the bike sound like an annoyed sewing machine instead of a motorcycle) without being sooperloud and obnoxious. I'm going to get the front forks powdercoated because the stock brushed aluminum will start looking like crap in a year or so, even if I was obsessive about cleaning the bike. Which I'm not. 
  • I have so many feeeeeelings about derby. Being retired is great for my knee, and it's definitely given me a different outlook on the development of derby. I still think there's too many people taking derby TOO GODDAM SERIOUSLY and wanting to push things faster than they're developing. Mainly for their own gain, not for the betterment of the sport. Ego helped kill derby the first time around, and ego is jerking derby around this time as well.  I guess I get to sit back and see what happens from here, but so far I'm not very impressed. 
  • On a positive note, I'm really enjoying doing the webcasts for the home league. It's keeping my announcing skillz intact, which is a good thing since I'll be going up to Washington state next weekend to announce at Battle on the Bank V. Good gawd, five years of that tournament?! Mind-boggling.
  • My geriatric cat is beginning to hang out in the backyard. He knows his territory and stays in the backyard. He has a favorite napping place where he sleeps so soundly, it's scary. I've frightened him and myself when I've gone to wake him up for one reason or another to take him into the house.
  • My fancy Cintiq tablet/table thingy took a huge dump. It just spontaneously stopped working last week. Found out through Wacom that I'm one of ten people that this has happened to. Lucky me? So the damn thing had to be boxed up in $52 worth of packing(never EVER throw out the stock box for those things...Just in Case) to be sent back to Vancouver, WA to see what's wrong with the damn thing. Of course this happens when I have a game flier to crank out. Oooops.
  • P90x is a good workout to do, but I'm getting bored with it. So I ordered the Insanity Workout, which is put out by the same company as P90x, but doesn't use weights. I'm thinking of alternating rounds of each so that I fend off the boredom a bit.
  • I've been watching PBS online at work a lot. Especially American Masters and Frontline. Interesting stuff, and by the way, we're all doomed.