Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get This Stuck in Your Head!

I has a song, thanks to the producer/writer/sometimes director of the Famous Dog dvd that I'm working on:

I was in tears from laughing so hard when he sung this to me over the phone for the first time.

In other hilarity, I give you:

Garfield minus Garfield

Which made me giggle like Renfield in the office(which is messed up, btw. My old office is currently unused, yet I'm in Action Boy's old office. I'm peeved. I have to go do my Action Boy imitation every few hours to reset the damn thermostat in my old office when I could just BE in my old office and not deal with either sweltering heat or freezing arctic breezes with the periodical trot to the thermostat to mutter incoherently and push the damn buttons until the air conditioner kicks on. Goddam big corporations SUCK. Crap.).

And lastly:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ups and Downs

After my bitchfest last week on this-here blog, I drove off to San Diego with cough medicines and skates in hand to take part in the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby Camp. Over 100 skaters showed up from around the country and even Canada to get some helpful tips and trips when it comes to playing roller derby. I was one of about seven coaches that led classes in everything from basic skating form to blocking(my first specialty) to off-skates cross-training to introducing the banked track to the overwhelmingly flat track brethren(my third specialty). This was like a mini-Rollercon, minus the big parties.

I have to admit that I dreaded going, based on the timing with my new job starting and all, but I ended up having fun.

Yeah, shocking.

The main highlight of the weekend was a game between skaters from the Blood & Thunder camp going up against the San Diego Derby Dolls. Note: the B&T team was chosen Thursday night. San Diego's been skating together for a couple of years. The result of the game? The B&T team won...something like 120-79 after two 20 minute periods.


It's all in the attitude and teamwork, not necessarily the skills.

At the afterparty I pulled out the Sharpies and started drawing on everyone in sight(my second specialty). I forget how many people I tagged, but derby photographer-extraordinaire Boss Hogg got photos of just about all of them. He got some funny photos of one of the skaters who got her chest drawn on by moi and then she insisted on sitting in my lap afterwards. Too bad I'm not gay...

A funny moment happened when several of the skaters came up to me after I escaped Sharpie duty and complimented me on my classes. They then told me that they learned so much not because I was such a calm, patient teacher, but that I had such a crazy look in my eye that they figured that they'd better pick up what I was putting down REALLY fast before I hit them.


But you know what? I actually think everyone liked me in the end. I even texted as such to several people on my way home. Well, I texted, "Chicks dig me!" The husband texted back, "Stop the presses!"

Sarcasm, anyone?

I even challenged the ever-adorable Raf to a chick magnet contest. Him, me, a pile of Sharpies, and a line of women.

I just might win, even though his hair is longer than mine.

Here's the last of the Famous Dead Dog Doodles:

You get The Shining reference, right?!

Last summer I had control of the office temperature of all the sequence directors because I had the thermostat for said offices in my office. That would be great, if the temperature for all three offices were the same. They weren't. The system is cheap, and the thermostat's reach wasn't very far. Which resulted in my office being an arctic zone while the other two directors sweltered in tropical office hell despite me putting the temperature to as low as it would go, and I'd wear a hoodie while drawing despite outside temperatures rising into the 90's.

Every couple of days Action Boy would wander in and mutter something about how stuffy his office was and would start fiddling with the thermostat for all three offices. I reminded him that a) it's already at the lowest setting and b) I was already freezing my tuchus off, and would demonstrate it by placing my corpse-cold hand on his person. He'd flinch and leave, after more mutterings. So this drawing was left for him my last week on the job.

Such the comedian, am I.

My comeuppance is that now I'm in Action Boy's old office. Ay, carumba!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Bad Week

There's nothing like starting a new job!

It's even better when one has a Cold from Hell!

It's double-even better when one has a BIG script, and a small schedule!

It's triple-double-even better when one has seemingly constant roller derby practice!

It's quadruply-doubly-extraordinarily even better when one has to coach at a roller derby camp the same week they start the new job.

It's super-fantastically-ginormously even betterer when my cold is making me so cranky that the husband won't talk to me.

Yeah, good times!

To illustrate how crappy I'm feeling, I'm posting this:


Monday, February 18, 2008

Got Sage?

Another weekend full o' derby crap.

Saturday was a game between the Sirens and Tough Cookies.

I thought that the Sirens would've wiped the track with the Cookies, but in the last three jams of the game the Cookies took the lead and actually won. Impressive skating by both teams, almost all of the Sirens jammers got kicked out of the game for penalties, and the guy who loaned the league money for our current space tried to be a macho sh!thead to Drew Barrymore. Yeah, he thought he could tell Drew freakin' Barrymore where to sit in the VIP stands. The Drew Barrymore who's making a movie about a girl who joins an all-girl roller derby league. Who was thinking about filming at least some of it at our track. I don't know if he screwed the pooch for us on that potential deal. Jerkface.

AAAAAAAND, before the game, the friendly neighborhood homeless couple that camps outside of our warehouse reported to us that there was a dead goat dumped behind the warehouse.

A dead DECAPITATED goat.

An investigation was launched, and a couple of Dolls took a walk around the property on Dead Goat Patrol. Unfortunately, they did indeed find a plastic tarp with a fuzzy tail sticking out from underneath it.

A call to Animal Control brought the reply of, "Call Sanitation".

A call to Sanitation brought the reply of, "Too bad. We're not in."


Sorry. We'll pick up the goat this week.

So the Dolls had to go out with shovels and heave the goat's carcass into a trash can, and then dragged the can back to the parking lot, wrapped the can with a buttload of Caution tape, and supposedly Sanitation will come by on Tuesday to pick up the goat.

That's so damn disturbing, it's seriously creeping out the majority of the league. I'm considering bringing some sage to the spot where the goat was found and do a little smudging.

On a happier note, here's the intro that was played before the game on Saturday. It's rad:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Puss n' Boots is FINALLY done!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!

Enjoy her nekkidness:

Producers need a sense of humor...

At the Annie Awards last week(an event I've vowed never to attend unless I get nominated for something...which means I'll be saving myself time, money, and a dress 'cos I don't get nominated for anything in animationland), the voice cast from Spongebob Squarepants made a little video that you can see here.

On Cartoon Brew, they had a YouTube copy of it, but were asked to take it down. Jeezus, why? Because it's FUNNY?! Probably because of copyright infringement or some stoopid thing like that.

Damn suits need a real sense of humor.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


You can tell that this drawing was done near the end of my oh-my-gosh-I'm-a-sequence-director-for-the-first-time experience:

I was quite the stressbucket by the end of the production. Action Boy was disgusted by the flying snot, but thought the overall idea was "cute".


This weekend is the husband's 50th Birthday.

Nope, I'm not a necrophiliac, that's just my husband! Ahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!


Anyway, we're having a partay for him. We've invited everyone we know in town. We've cleaned up the back yard, bought some food, and even swept up some of the dustbunnies. It should be fun. Cold, but fun. At least it won't rain.

And speaking of fun and sequence directing, I'll be doing it again in two weeks. I'm not quite as freaked out this go-around as last time, but the stress level is definitely going up. I won't be babysat like I was last time...I'll actually have to know stuff this time! CRAP!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Moar Team Fervor

This is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks:

New shirt design for my team. Yay, Fight Crew!

Whatchoo think?