Monday, September 17, 2012


It's not that I'm deliberately ignoring the blog. But I'm having great difficulty posting new stuff, as you can see. Why is that?

Mainly, my job is sucking the life force from me. I spend so much time in front of a computer during the day, the last thing I generally want to do is come home and spend yet more time staring into another computer screen while trying to come up with witty or ranty stuff to bang out here.

I've noticed a few blogs and pages I like to follow have also suffered neglect. Some have ended (Hungover Owls will be sorely missed), while others just languish like my page, leaving people hanging, wondering, what's going on, if anything?

It also doesn't help that I feel as if derby is breaking up with me. It's saying, "It's not me, IT'S YOU." because I find this year to have been a terrible year for derby in general. What with the passive offense play of Jacob's Ladder/Conga Line/Sauage Link which not only is boring to watch, but the cop-out excuses I hear of why it continues just makes me want to punch people in the face.

Then there's Oly's TransferGate, which is another example of, Just Because Paid Sports Does It, Doesn't Mean This Sport Should Do It At The Present Time.

Rollercon was also an eye-opener for me of the adage: USE IT OR LOSE IT. It's so true...skating derby as minimally as I have this year has made me feel old and rusty. I don't have the time to dedicate to keeping my derby skills up, and it's killing me.

Which goes back to the job thing. So much time and energy is going into it with minimal payback. I'm one of those people who work harder when they're having fun. None of the fun is being had right now. I miss fun. I miss being able to be creative while doing my job. I miss being proud of what I do for a living.

Anyway, that's why I've been quiet here...I have nothing nice to say in this transitional period. So I'll leave with a note from Team Heckle: