Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How I Spent My Summer

Instead of throwing a bunch of words at you because...words. We're bombarded with WORDS all the live-long day. So here's some photos with very little explanation of what's going on in them. Just in time for autumn!

June. Ri-Ettes tryouts. Here are the Judgy Judges:

Battle on the Bank. Evil E goes on the webcast for the first and only time. My "office" is at the top of a steep staircase/ladder setup. She doesn't like climbing to announce!

Also at Battle on the Bank: LA Derby Doll skater Agata Chokeabitchski has a booth of rad stuff she makes, including but not limited to little whiteboards you can wear. Fucking genius:

You have been warned:

Hands down, my favorite photo of my parents. Taken when we went up to have brunch with them for my mom's birthday and Father's Day:

I don't go into the ocean, but when I do, it's for the Fourth of July:

Comic Con! That's Brent Spiner(Data from Star Trek: Next Generation) and Kevin Sorbo(Hercules):


Working the wine bar at the 20 Wonder fundraiser:

Pimping NOTORIOUS at the Derby Famous Booth with Shawnee Rotten and Vintage Vixen at Rollercon. For an added fee, we will remove any sticks you have in your backside.

Don't touch the googly eyes:

The bunny is totally hungover:

It ain't Rollercon until I go to the Rio buffet with some of my favorite peoples:

Pretty funny to be included in the ten year anniversary photo of Derby Wivedom when I don't have a derby wife! Hahahahaha!

I'm totally not looking at Sly Foxx's cleavage:

Skating with Les Foxes Francais:

Holding back Beer Wench Satan's Little Helper with a little(lot)of help from Houston's Death By Chocolate:

Rejects vs. Wild West Outlaws. I'm actually DOING something:

Axle Adams and I were team managers for Team Wicked when they played against Sin City Skates. Apparently that surprises the both of us:

Pyramid scheme. All part of practical joking between Derby Famous and Derbalife:

I never thought I'd meet Richard Simmons, much less be in a video of his:

Team CRUZ came to Southern California over Labor Day weekend. Saturday in LA:

Sunday in San Diego. This was the closest I've gotten to actual heat exhaustion thanks to the heat and humidity. I don't recommend it:

CRUZ leader Motley trying to keep me and Legacy from dying:

I'm lucky to have such friends!

Monday, July 08, 2013

So...this is happening...

Are you smelly?Or more specifically, is your gear rank as all get-out?

I might be able to help you with that:

Yep, finally giving the homemade gear spray a go. Why not? People seem to keep asking for it, and I've been losing money paying retail for the materials, so might as well try to do it right and see what happens!

I'm very lucky that the Dear Husband has time during the day to get all the business stuff taken care of. Also very lucky that my friends at Derby Famous are willing to give us a little bit of space at their Rollercon booth. I hope this all goes well, because I'm really FREAKING THE HELL OUT about all of this right now!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My own entropy project

Apparently this blog has turned into its own Entropy Project.

I apparently hate sitting in front of a computer for more than nine or ten hours a day. That's why I haven't been able to bring myself to update the blog. It doesn't help that the latest interface is a piece of absolute shit. But update I must, I suppose.

I'm still on Bob's Burgers. We're starting season four! Hooray for union hours! I also FINALLY got up the nerve to mumble to the voice of Louise, Kristen Schaal:

 Standing in the background is the voice of Tina, Dan Mintz. He sounds exactly like Tina ALL THE TIME.

Still have the Police Bike, and it's still the most wonderful thing ever. I haven't crashed it, though I did tip it over in the alleyway by work a few months back. Frankly, a bike isn't yours until you tip it over. And yes, I needed help picking it up, because the alley wasn't level. Good times.

See that? That's the logo for this year's Battle on the Bank tournament. I think LA will win the entire deal, but I'm curious to see which league will come up to second place. It's a toss-up between San Diego Derby Dolls, Arizona Derby Dames, and Tilted Thunder from Seattle. For the first time there's also a junior tournament, which I think is the best thing ever! It's supposed to be webcast, so tune in this Friday through Sunday at!

Here's some photos from the Stanley Kubrick exhibit that's closing at the end of the month at LACMA:

The best part was seeing the scripts of his earlier films with his notes and drawings all over them. A piece of the movie-making process that's visible to everyone! I'm thinking of going back, but I don't know if I'll be able to before it closes. If you're in LA and haven't seen it, GO. NOW.

LouC is still hanging in there. Still cranky, and is on antibiotics as well as getting subcutaceous fluids due to kidney failure. He has gotten used to newcomer Houdini, and Houdini has turned into quite the character. We're trying to teach him how to obey us, which is HILARIOUS. He gets insulted when I tell him to "stay". Apparently he thinks we should want to be with him ALL THE TIME. He's actually right, but I'm not going to tell him that!

July will be busy with Comic Con and Rollercon again this year. Hope I survive both!

I'm still looking for The Thing That I'm Passionate About since I retired from skating. Now it's work, announcing, stressing about work or announcing, stressing about commuting to work or announcing, or some other delightful combination of stress. Derby is getting more and more frustrating for me, and I don't know what to do about it yet. 

Welp, on that vague note, I must go, as it's almost my bedtime. That's the thing I really hate about working for a place with a very small parking lot; I gotta get up early to finish my daily exercise so that I can rush to work just for a decent parking spot. Then I sit and stare groggily at the cintiq for about an hour before my brain gets jump-started by coffee. Oh! But on that note: I've almost completely cut out drinking Red Bull. And I fit into my pants a tiny bit better as a result. And I'm more awake from coffee anyway, so win-win!

Alright, hopefully I'll get back into the groove of updating this blog before it dies from neglect!