Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Pix

Still on ugly deadline. So here's some random photos.


Monday, February 23, 2009


Yes, I'm cranky.

This monkey was the first image that comes up when one googles "cranky", but he looks more pensive than cranky.

This kid has cranky down better.

This is so NOT cranky. Too pretty to be cranky:

Bleh. I want to be non-cranky for once.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Teams

In case you don't have plans in LA next weekend, check this out:

No, I'm not skating in this one...hopefully I'll be able to watch and "coach" from the floor.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

VDay '09



Used some new brushpens that I picked up on Friday. The black line was done with a Copic Sketch Too. I really liked using it. I also picked up a little bag o' colored brush pens made by Faber-Castell. The pens themselves were OK, but the colors didn't make much sense...they were kinda pastel, kinda primary, and overall kinda lame. So I had to go back in with my dying marker set to help out the final result.

Now I'm off to search for a white shirt so that I can go to a scrimmage in Newport Beach. Then I gotta work. Yayyyyy...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Crass Glasses

This is the reason why I needed new glasses. The old ones were...OK. And by "OK" I mean, "Well, I've seen worse...on a dead and mangled hooker who was missing her head."

I thought it was neat when I got the old glasses frames ten fucking years ago that they matched my hair color perfectly. Now, not so much. And the shape? Yawn. I bore myself into a coma. I look like an angry, boring librarian.

So Monday I went shopping for new glasses.




First, there's my prescription. I have a stigmatism in both eyes. And I'm nearsighted on top of that. You know what that means? Yep, Coke-bottle-lenses. I am living proof that guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses if they're actually blind.

Then there's my ugly mug. I have a long, narrow-yet-square-jawed face, and so most glasses look weirdly huge on me. The bug-eyed Paris Hiltonesque sunglasses? Um, NO. Even if I could afford them, I wouldn't be able to wear them due to severe retardation on my part. And my eyes are close together. Couple that with a nearsighted stigmatism, and you have eyes that virtually disappear behind the lenses. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

And last but not least, I think the only people eyeglass designers want to design for are Tina Fey and Sarah Palin. I don't think they're one in the same, but they may as well be considering the selection...or lack thereof...I had to choose from.

Imagine if you will, a big schlumpy redhead who's squinting a lot because she can't fucking see in an eyeglass store. She has her prescriptions for her new contact lenses and glasses in her sweaty paws, she's set to burn the credit card for said new contacts and glasses...and she hates almost every pair of glasses she tries on.

The salespeople wisely stayed out of the way. I trumped through the store, carrying four, five, six pairs of frames at a time, trying them on one after the other, whipping them off my face in frustration. Too big. Weird color. Doesn't sit on my nose right. Doesn't sit on my ears right. Fits crooked. Too small. Dang, why do those wire-frames not come in a nice, sturdy plastic version?

I was in there for well over an hour.

Then finally, I narrowed the search down to three pairs.

Then two.

Then one.


Earth-shatteringly cool, aren't they?

OK, maybe not.

To be honest, I don't know if I like the new glasses any better than the old ones. The new ones are certainly more interesting than the old ones. They have a nice tortoise-shell pattern on the front and have cute lil' rhinestone thingys on the earpieces.

The overall shape? I'm not totally sold on it. They may be a little too sharp for me. I doubt if I'll leep these babies ten years like I did the last pair.

I'm amused that they happen to be made by Juicy Couture. First, I neverNEVEREVER thought I'd buy anything by that brand. Second, my sister does travel for the owner/founder/president/whatever, so she gets free purses from them all the time. And they're apparently worth bank. I probably could've asked to see if I could get the frames direct from them for cheep!

So now I look like a slightly less boring angry librarian.

But I still look like a librarian.

With designer frames.

But I got a swank carrying case:

Complete with swank cloth to wipe clean said Coke-bottle lenses.

But hey, at least I can see!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday was the Husband's birthday. It was low-key for the most part...he had a party on Saturday that went on til 3am, but other than that, he kept himself on the dl.

Since Hurricane Ken has been attempting to tutor me in all things Fink, I decided to put his advice into action by doing this:

It got the Hurricane Ken stamp of approval, so I'm stoked. And even the Husband liked it! OH JOY!

Monday, February 09, 2009


This morning I woke up to darkness and rain. This afternoon the wind has kicked in and it's bright and sunny albeit very damn cold outside.

I think I prefer the rain, though either way I'm going in for a semi-annual eye exam this afternoon. The horrible part of that is where I'm going to shop for new eyeglass frames. It's been about...uh...eleven years since I've done that. It's not that my current eyeglasses are so damn flattering(though they match my hair color perfectly), it's just impossible to find eyeglass frames that will work with both the shape of my face and my horrible eye prescription.

I'm blind as a bat and I have stigmatism in both eyes. Which means the glasses prescription makes my tiny little eyes virtually disappear behind the lenses. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

So I'm happy to be ordering new contacts, but the glasses...oy. Expect to read about my extensive whining about that later.

In the meantime, enjoy some goofy photos that were taken of a bunch of us from Rink Rash Skatewear modeling the latest in really cool t-shirts:

Ok, I'm totally stoked that in this last photo it looks like the Tarametrics and burpees have been paying off for me! Woohoo! I don't know about the whole smiling thing, though.

Allegedly these photos will appear in some European fashion mag. No, SRSLY.

I'm laughing, too.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quick and Dirty

As I've talked about before, the LiveJournal photo feed is a fascinating and occasionally scary and VERY NSFW place. But sometimes I'll find something save-worthy.

A couple weeks ago I found a photo of a skanky-looking woman that was intriguing. She looked skanky mainly because of her hair and makeup and the tramp stamp just above her butt...and the fact that she had her g-string down around her knees. However, the pose was nice, so I drew it:

I cleaned her up pretty good, trust me.

I have this week off from work so that my tiny little brain can recover. Thinking is hard for me, people.

So I get to clean the house and pet the various cats that hang around...there's my own and of course the king of the backyard, Kitty. Yes, Kitty is a boy. Now there's the LouC-alike hanging around, whom I call Puddy Tat. I'm SO original, I know, but if the damn cat answers to the name, what am I gonna do? Puddy Tat belongs to the Beavisphere. Yeah, scary. It's surprising Puddy Tat is as friendly as he is(I'm assuming he's a he), though the Husband can't get near him. Or near Kitty, for that matter.

LouC hates Kitty. He yowls incessantly when he sees Kitty strutting his stuff outside. But he's fascinated with Puddy Tat, since LouC and Puddy Tat look so similar. Puddy Tat's smaller and slinkier, but other than that, he's a dead ringer for LouC. When the sliding door is open, LouC and Puddy Tat will sit and stare at each other nose-to-nose through the screen door until either Kitty chases Puddy Tat off or LouC gets spooked for one reason or another. It's cute for now.

I predict one of these days either Kitty or Puddy Tat will be stupid enough to try to come into the house when we least expect it. LouC will shit. Literally. All over the floor.

Can't wait.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Chain Reaction

From the Season Opener. Enjoy:

The ironic thing is, my hit was ill-timed. If Lusty hadn't tripped over Maiven after I hit Maiven, Lusty probably could've gotten by me when I was all distracted in pairing back up with Broadzilla.


Oh, and guess who just had her five year involved-in-roller-derby anniversary? THIS GUY!!

What a weird, strange trip it's been.