Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You Don't Love Me

Or you find this blog hideously boring.

Who would've thunk that a post about some guy getting a tattoo of a Thalidomide-handed derby girl drawn by a drunk jerkface in Vegas wouldn't elicit a single comment?

While I ponder that, go read the latest on Beavis.


Mike said...

Of course we love you! What's not to love? :-)

Gary Clair said...

I was waiting to comment to you in person.. but you're never at drunk scouts.. SOMEone has a life or something.

(I thought it was bitch'n)

... now to read about beavis!
Speaking of beavis.. have you ever seen the real life beavis?

michelle said...

I love you, but I hate the word "tatt" or "tat" for tattoo. I'm sorry.

I do love you, though. And I love your Thalidomide Flipper Baby art, too.

Skatie said...

I thought it was super awesome. But I think your sharpie tats are worthy :) Hannahs told me all about them. Can't wait for ROllerCon