Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Stars!

Remember this cartoon?

The big red character therein was alternately called "Rudolph" or "Gossamer". When I was working on Pinky & the Brain the whole studio store craze was in full swing, and at the time the WB stores had some great watches. I found one with Bugs and Gossamer, bought it right away, and wore it almost all the time for ten years.

Then I lost it two years ago.

I pretty much stopped wearing a watch after that. It wasn't because I didn't have other watches...I have a nice little Mickey Mouse watch from when I was in high school. Then there's the glow-in-the-dark Pinky & the Brain watch. And the Soviet Navy watch(that's kinda broken after I threw it against a wall in an absolute rage). The 2nd place watch I'd occasionally wear when I wanted to "dress up" is a square-faced solo Bugs Bunny.

But none of them were like the Bugs Bunny/Gossamer watch. It was me.

I'd torn the house apart several times over the past two years searching for the damned thing. No luck. Cursing violently didn't seem to help. I racked my brain trying to remember the last time I'd worn it...I narrowed it down to the team photo shoot we did for the Derby Dolls calendar two years ago. But since the watch was in the pictures, it must've survived the shoot. See photo evidence below, on my right wrist:

Or not, since I didn't have the watch.

So I was resigned to never having as cool a watch as that again.

Until Monday.

The Dear Husband decided to switch our cable and internet service from the local cable company to our phone company. So we had to do some major cleaning and rearranging of some of our stuff so that the installation dudes can replace the cable boxes, etc.

I was cleaning out some old VHS tapes that were under the table that the tv sits on in the den when...voila! THE WATCH REAPPEARED!

It was partially in an empty VHS box, it had some cat piss on it, but IT WAS BACK!

I cleaned it up and took it to get a fresh battery yesterday. Ahhhhhh, I feel like a small piece of me is back, as stupid as that sounds.

Now if I can only get the rest of my life organized and in place...


Troy said...

Grats-I am totally with you on this!

I lost my kickass 1979 Snoopy flying ace watch (a totally pissed off snoopy riddled with bullets with a red baron circling as the second hand) right before I left for CalArts, and was tortured till eBay finally scratched that itch a decade later.

Sadly, I am also familiar with random cat piss on beloved items.

Even sadder is that somebody somewhere probably thinks that is hot.

RedDiabla said...

That watch sounds mighty cool...I used to LOVE Peanuts as a kid. Well, who didn't, I suppose. For my seventh birthday I got my first watch: a Lucy watch. Wore that fucker for YEARS.

I don't know what happened to it, but cat piss may have been involved.

Ken Mitchroney said...

DONT CLEAN IT ! If you lose it again you can sniff around and find it really easy.

RedDiabla said...