Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doing Something Right

For the most part, the LA Derby Dolls training team loves training the new skaters, aka Fresh Meat. They're new, eager, and refreshingly happy to be at the track. It's fun to rediscover the things that make keeping going worthwhile through their experience...conquering the new and scary on the track is at the top of that list. Second is giving advice on how to be better prepared to conquer said scary. One of those ways is through cross-training.

I've yakked about Tarametrics before, and I was able to inflict said Tarametrics on the newest crop of Freshies this past Tuesday. I warned them at the time that if they don't feel muscle ache afterwards, they're doing it wrong. And that it's quite normal to want to wish for my imminent death due to said muscle ache.

They listened to me, oh yes they did. Yesterday and today found comments posted on the Fresh Meat board that include:

Thanks for putting us through hell! :)

I'm slightly sore and that's a reward for not giving up and going home (which I wanted to do 100 x's last night). I'm going to defeat this beast they commonly refer to as getting into shape.

My ass is feeling tight. Tarametrics = bootylicious
Tomorrow I probably won't be able to sit down

Gloriously sore today, the kind of sore that makes you stop and think "wait, I have muscles there?" As much as I did want to kill you in the night while it was happening (your words, not mine), THANK YOU TARA.

And the best comment EVAR:

tarametrics vs child birth...tough call.

i'll let you know how my body feels as soon as it starts speaking to me again.
SO glad i didnt give up or barf, both of which i wanted to do.

This all brings a tear to this weary old trainer's eye!


Gia said...

I fear Tarametrics.

RedDiabla said...

One fears what they don't know.

Waitaminute, you know Tarametrics...have you actually done them?!