Saturday, February 12, 2011


It was bound to happen sooner or later.

With the ridiculous growth of derby, there has been a fair share of leagues swiping artwork from other leagues and various artists for their own purposes regarding league logos and such. I've seen quite a few examples of this, and it's especially prevalent in non-US leagues grabbing stuff from US leagues and trying to make it their own.

For the most part, my art has been left alone.

Until now.

Meet the Pearl River Roller Derby league in Louisiana:

What a cute girl! Gosh, where did they get that from?

Oh, right:

That Sure Grip girl I did several years ago!

To be honest, I'm not really angry about this, as Sure Grip owns this particular girl and they hired me to do the artwork. I've seen her on stickers, band aid packaging, and even on wheels! I should've negotiated a better rate for myself, but whatever.

But really, it's DUMB to think that one can take a drawing that's KNOWN and incorporate it rather blatantly into one's own league logo. They could've come to me directly and given me money to make them a logo. And it would've been better than what they currently have. Ah well.

I wonder if Sure Grip knows about this?


Chynna Clugston Flores said...

Yeah, pretty lazy of them. It takes more than a change of clothes and direction to cover your ass.

Burns! said...

You may not be really angry, but it's still bad behavior on their part. I'll betcha Snipe writes a mean C&D.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you don't care if they do.
I found a knocked-off WCR logo on some briefs. I think they got that one handled, but it was pathetic and funny all at the same time.

JeLLyPiG said...

So I read your post and completely understand why you should be pissed.I do have a question for you about use of work.

I am derby fan and...a vandal, for lack of a better term. Several years ago, I co opted my locals leagues logo and modified it for a sticker project. As I expanded that endeavor I continued to make use of that and several other derby icons for my small run of slap tag fun. I never sell them, I do trade them, give them out privately derby peeps and distributed them freely to like minded individuals of street esthetic around the world.

My exercise has never allowed commerce to enter into it. The thieves in question are clearly going to build brand; create a website and presence, sell T Shirts, Shot glasses, Panties and the whole plethora of merch whoring, with an eye for generating revenue. That is not what I am about.

Currently, I am working on a little project that makes use of an image created through a contest for a major local event. It also clearly lifts that image. Now, until now, I have reasoned and rationalized my Cut&Paste fun as a "private use" thing. Feeling no guilt because I am not promoting product as much as perpetrating my own inside joke that I share with friends. Obviously the imagery goes into the public realm but it's not another crap advert, it just fun.

If you found your work used in that manner, what would you think? Understand, I am not asking permission. Obviously I am going to do what I am going to do. I would be interested in your take as I wrestle a little with ethics, since you brought up the subject and all.

Gary Clair said...

Actually.. I think you could take legal action.. if she hired you to make a sticker.. then they turn around and make t-shirts with the same design.. they have to pay you for anything they do with it other than stickers.
...unless you signed over the copyright.

redeye said...

Hey guys,

I am from Pearl River Roller Derby, and I just want to let everyone know that we did use the art from Sure Grip. We also have there written permission to use the art and all alterations were approved by Sure Grip before we officially made it our logo. I understand the frustrations of artiest who fell they are not being compensated for there art and that would never be PRRD intent.

Thank You,

Red Eye

Brass Kicker said...

I am a member of said PRRD League and our intention was to take an iconic image in the Derby World and pay homage to it. We got written permission from Sure Grip to use the art work in question as you see it on our Jerseys. We did not mean to cause any ill will as we understood that Sure Grip owned the Image.
You are responsible for one of the Most Iconic Images in Derby and we would be very foolish to think that No one would recognize it. That is why we took the time to make sure the company that owned the rights to the image was informed of our interest and also approved of our use. We are sorry for any confusion that our use has caused, we have never represented her as Our Original Art work. We always give credit to Sure Grip for the original girl.

RedDiabla said...

Thanks for the update, kids! Now we know that you were cool and got permission!