Monday, May 16, 2011


Here's an update on good ol' Beavis.

Read it before reading the rest of this entry.

I have to admit, I wasn't sad when I first found out about Beavis. That guy was a total asshole to us from the instant we moved in. And really? What a loser. Never moved out of his parents' house for very long. Never had a real job. Never did anything with his life except cause trouble, surf, park cars to rot in front of his parents' housee, and make babies.

But as the day wore on and I did a little online reading about his untimely demise, I felt a growing unease. Despite the fact that I really believe he reaped what he sowed in life, knowing that the person who shot him multiple times is still on the loose is incredibly unsettling. Not that I expect them to come after me or anything like that.

No, it's just the escalation of a lack of humanity that Beavis exhibited himself most of the time. Whomever killed Beavis is Beavis times twenty on the asshole scale. And that's a helluva scale. I would feel differently if there was a suspect apprehended. It would be like a Hollywood movie ending. Everything tied up in a neat little package.

But life is rarely about neat little packages. It's more like a haphazardly woven piece of cloth with different sizes and colors of thread. No even sides, no consistent thread count, just squiggly pieces twisting around and through other pieces willy-nilly. I think I need a reason for Beavis' death, even though I can guess at it. He died because he was an asshole to the wrong person. But really? Weird shit can happen to anyone without rhyme or reason, no matter how desperately we try to find that very thing.

So what do I get out of the Beavis experience, other than realizing that my most entertaining blog entries are due to the pain and stress he inflicted on me? I don't know. It may be too early to know. I'm happy I don't have to worry that he'll steal our stuff, set our house on fire, literally attack us when we walk to our car, or park another goddam vehicle in front of our house for a year anymore. Is that it? Is that where the psychotic Beavis thread in life ends?

Maybe so. Maybe so.


twyckoff said...

holy shit!!! When you said you had an update on Beavis at BFTC, I had NO idea it was THIS! How thought provoking.

RedDiabla said...

Isn't it? Just weird stuff.

Troy said...

Great, now he's moved in across from my Grandma in Heaven.

This is why we can't have nice things!

Sue Bielenberg said...

My neighborhood went thru a phase in which bad drug deals ended badly, and hookers talked back and paid a price with their pimps. The owners and renters were just by-standers to the drama. You are right - the danger is unlikely to randomly include you and your neighbors. However, I am also always curious when someone in my neighborhood meets with the results of a life badly lived.

Sue Bielenberg said...

I am also always curious when someone in my sometimes druggy neighborhood meets the fallout from a life badly lived. We, the residents, are just by-standers to the dramas of the underculture.

Sue Bielenberg said...

We, the residents are just bystanders to the street justice of the underculture.