Sunday, October 14, 2012

Odds and Ends...

For the first time in a few years, I'm excited about Halloween and having a costume. The idea came to me out of the blue, and has been done before by many people. But I don't really care, because I'm having fun with it, and I like fun! Photos will follow...

I finally asked for a demotion at work. The stress was revealing itself in obvious and some not-so-obvious ways. Insomnia, panic attacks, total creative bankruptcy, crying jags, being incredibly grumpy. Some snarky folk would say, "How is that different from your usual demeanor??" and I'd punch them if they said that to my face because Fuck You. I'm hoping that this status change on this show will be what I need to be a productive person again, because I sure need to be that way again!

These two photos of the space shuttle Endeavor aren't impressive in and of themselves. But I feel very very lucky to have been able to wander down to Westchester early on a Friday morning while the shuttle was on its incredibly slow journey from LAX to the Science Center near downtown to get a close look at it:

I'm not a science geek but I've always loved planes, and the shuttle is plane-like enough for me to lose my mind when it was brought to LA on the back of a 747 and then moved to the Science Center. Seeing it on tv doesn't give justice to its scale. There are quite a few people on the internet who have huge bees in their bonnets about trees along the route of the shuttle's journey to its final home being cut down because again, that shuttle is freakin' huge. But the Science Center has promised to not only replant trees, but replant them FOURfold over. With two years of free maintenance thrown in. I'll get peeved if they don't follow through on that, but to get all upset over replaceable trees over an unreplaceable shuttle is baffling to me.

I was asked to do the shirt design for the annual SNIFF funfest in Jackson, CA again. This year I went with a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse theme. I was pleased with myself on this one, mainly because I kept the design a secret from the party organizer, Redbeard Emeritus:

I wish I could have gone, as I would've liked to put the bike through more road travel paces, but alas, it wasn't to be. Which actually may not be the worst thing to happen, since I seem to be coming down with a cold. Feh! I hope to get my own shirt of this soon, though!


Ernessa T. Carter said...

My sister asked for a demotion a couple of years ago for pretty much the same reasons and it's the best thing she's ever done for herself. Her life is much improved.

RedDiabla said...

I'm already feeling a thousand percent better, myself!

Sometimes the money just doesn't matter!

Sarthurk said...

Just found your blog! Very interesting. I found it through a conservative blog, and I note that you are very non-political. I really like that.

I do a video review job that involves counting everything encountered on an ROV survey. I was a SCUBA fiend in another lifetime, and this is virtual, and about the only active work I can do, as I'm all physically worn out from 30 years of field work.

I am however, political in nature. Pardon my Avatar.