Thursday, March 22, 2007

Highs and Lows

High: had a lot of fun at the Sacred City/Bakersfield bout last Saturday.

Low: had to work the bout(didn't get drunk enough beforehand like the husband did). Penalty tracking was a skill I previously had no experience in doing.

High: set up a bootcamp date with Sacred City in May.

Low: came out of the bar where the discussions took place to be told by the door guy that some drunken f*cktard backed into my car with his SUV and his trailer hitch scraped the bejeezus out of my front bumper. Dammit!

High: Sunday we stopped at Harris Ranch on the way home for steak.

Low: it didn't live up to the hype. We didn't go for the fancy expensive steak-eating restaurant, though. Our bad.

High: today the husband got a raise!

Low: he's going to have to work more weekends.

High: got my notes back on my freelance.

Low: not in the mood to do any work 'cos the weather is gorgeous and all I wanna do is go outside and skate.

High: I'm recovering from some major dehydration that I experienced after this weekend's fun.

Low: one of the guys on the freelance crew I'm on died last night or early this morning of a heart attack. He was in his 40's. I feel especially weird about it because I tried to get a hold of him yesterday and today to ask about some designs he was doing for the episode I'm working on.

Isn't it surreal how one feels when someone they know has died?


Becca said...

OMG! Who died? Someone I know? Sorry to hear!

Ken Mitchroney said...

Harris Ranch ! Pot Roast ! What do you need, A road map? Incase you have anymore storyboard problems we are sending you Paul. He arrives in two weeks to start work at O-Mation full time.
So who of our storyboard famly did we lose?