Saturday, March 03, 2007


Here's the lid to the never-ending Bellydancer seat.

I think it turned out pretty damn good, all things considered. I hope that the lady who's getting this likes it, too.

Last night the husband and I attempted to check out the yearly group show at La Luz de Jesus. It's a cool gallery, but as with many "cool" things in Hell Lay, it's in a part of town where the parking is absolutely ATROCIOUS at best. We drove ar0und and around and around looking for a damn parking space just to look at some goddam art. No luck. At all.

I got peeved, strangely enough. So what did I do?

I said we should go eat dinner instead. Which we did.

Take that, La Luz!

And had fun, 'cos we went to the Brite Spot on Sunset. It's a favorite little diner-type place for many little Silverlake hipsters and such, but we like it too. We sat next to a punk/metal band who seemed to be planning a tour. They were in their mid-40's and had many piercings and tattoos. They were of an age where the piercings in particular weren't really working for them looks-wise, but then again I'm kinda funny-looking too, so who am I to throw stones?

So we had a very, very mellow evening last night.

Today is another bout, the Sirens vs. Tough Cookies. I don't have to skate! Wow! But I do have to work the bout. Ah well. The husband will get to drink with impunity. Lucky bastard. The LA Marathon is tomorrow, and the new route practically encloses the track. So we're going to have to figure out a way to get out tonight when they start closing the streets off for the marathon route, and get back in tomorrow for clean-up and practice.

Oh freakin' joy.

Stoopid athletes! Messing up our fun!

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