Monday, February 18, 2008

Got Sage?

Another weekend full o' derby crap.

Saturday was a game between the Sirens and Tough Cookies.

I thought that the Sirens would've wiped the track with the Cookies, but in the last three jams of the game the Cookies took the lead and actually won. Impressive skating by both teams, almost all of the Sirens jammers got kicked out of the game for penalties, and the guy who loaned the league money for our current space tried to be a macho sh!thead to Drew Barrymore. Yeah, he thought he could tell Drew freakin' Barrymore where to sit in the VIP stands. The Drew Barrymore who's making a movie about a girl who joins an all-girl roller derby league. Who was thinking about filming at least some of it at our track. I don't know if he screwed the pooch for us on that potential deal. Jerkface.

AAAAAAAND, before the game, the friendly neighborhood homeless couple that camps outside of our warehouse reported to us that there was a dead goat dumped behind the warehouse.

A dead DECAPITATED goat.

An investigation was launched, and a couple of Dolls took a walk around the property on Dead Goat Patrol. Unfortunately, they did indeed find a plastic tarp with a fuzzy tail sticking out from underneath it.

A call to Animal Control brought the reply of, "Call Sanitation".

A call to Sanitation brought the reply of, "Too bad. We're not in."


Sorry. We'll pick up the goat this week.

So the Dolls had to go out with shovels and heave the goat's carcass into a trash can, and then dragged the can back to the parking lot, wrapped the can with a buttload of Caution tape, and supposedly Sanitation will come by on Tuesday to pick up the goat.

That's so damn disturbing, it's seriously creeping out the majority of the league. I'm considering bringing some sage to the spot where the goat was found and do a little smudging.

On a happier note, here's the intro that was played before the game on Saturday. It's rad:


Skatie Hawkins said...

I had almost the same thing happen to me with a goat, but it was just the head. Luckily it was winter, so it was frozen and not rotting. Animal control said call Sanitation. Sanitation wouldn't come get it. It took about a month for me to find someone to pick it up. Sanitation tells me "People eat goat Ma'am" Yes, but I don't leave my dinner on the side of the road. Thanks.

Got a large Caribbean population nearby?

RedDiabla said...

Um, yikes! So what did you do with the goat head for a month?!

We're not in a Caribbean neighborhood...we're in Historic Filipino town, with a mix of South Americans and other whatnot thrown in. The area is, as they say, "in flux". A baaad neighborhood that's attempting to gentrify.

Skatie said...

It wasn't actually on my property. It was 3 doors down from my apartment, on the other side of a cyclone fence. So although it was on private property, I could see it as I walked past twice a day.

Came home drunk one night, and there were two cops on the subway platform. I stopped and explained my odd lil situation, and they gave me a phone number to call. It was some odd govt agency, having to do with Quality of life or something.