Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get This Stuck in Your Head!

I has a song, thanks to the producer/writer/sometimes director of the Famous Dog dvd that I'm working on:

I was in tears from laughing so hard when he sung this to me over the phone for the first time.

In other hilarity, I give you:

Garfield minus Garfield

Which made me giggle like Renfield in the office(which is messed up, btw. My old office is currently unused, yet I'm in Action Boy's old office. I'm peeved. I have to go do my Action Boy imitation every few hours to reset the damn thermostat in my old office when I could just BE in my old office and not deal with either sweltering heat or freezing arctic breezes with the periodical trot to the thermostat to mutter incoherently and push the damn buttons until the air conditioner kicks on. Goddam big corporations SUCK. Crap.).

And lastly:


Becca said...

HEY!!! Don't dis Rick Astley! I LUV HIM! Ever heard of "It would take a strong, strong man"? That one's dedicated to you too!

Steve said...

Nick Lowe said:

"Do you remember Rick Astley?
He had a big, fat hit, it was ghastly.
He said 'I'm never gonna give you up or let you down.'
Well, I'm here to tell you that Dick's a clown..."

- "All Men Are Liars"

Sorry, Becca.