Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quick and Dirty

As I've talked about before, the LiveJournal photo feed is a fascinating and occasionally scary and VERY NSFW place. But sometimes I'll find something save-worthy.

A couple weeks ago I found a photo of a skanky-looking woman that was intriguing. She looked skanky mainly because of her hair and makeup and the tramp stamp just above her butt...and the fact that she had her g-string down around her knees. However, the pose was nice, so I drew it:

I cleaned her up pretty good, trust me.

I have this week off from work so that my tiny little brain can recover. Thinking is hard for me, people.

So I get to clean the house and pet the various cats that hang around...there's my own and of course the king of the backyard, Kitty. Yes, Kitty is a boy. Now there's the LouC-alike hanging around, whom I call Puddy Tat. I'm SO original, I know, but if the damn cat answers to the name, what am I gonna do? Puddy Tat belongs to the Beavisphere. Yeah, scary. It's surprising Puddy Tat is as friendly as he is(I'm assuming he's a he), though the Husband can't get near him. Or near Kitty, for that matter.

LouC hates Kitty. He yowls incessantly when he sees Kitty strutting his stuff outside. But he's fascinated with Puddy Tat, since LouC and Puddy Tat look so similar. Puddy Tat's smaller and slinkier, but other than that, he's a dead ringer for LouC. When the sliding door is open, LouC and Puddy Tat will sit and stare at each other nose-to-nose through the screen door until either Kitty chases Puddy Tat off or LouC gets spooked for one reason or another. It's cute for now.

I predict one of these days either Kitty or Puddy Tat will be stupid enough to try to come into the house when we least expect it. LouC will shit. Literally. All over the floor.

Can't wait.


troy said...

Cats suck.
Ask any cat owner.

Cute little sumbitches.

Fuck, and Lux just kicked it.

RedDiabla said...

The whole Lux Interior thing is throwing me into deep mourning.

troy said...

His was a life that was short, and filled with stuff.

Cagey said...

Need pikshurs of cats staring.

Ken Mitchroney said...

Nice pin up lady. Thanks for sharing.