Thursday, August 06, 2009

Better Now...

Thanks to the Santa Monica post office, I was FINALLY able to send off my passport crap today. *whew!*

Here's a smallsmallsmall sampling of Rollercon photos:

Me and Smackya Sideways warming up for the Team Loudmouth/Silent But Deadly scrimmage on Fremont St. We both look scary for very different reasons!

Me in action during the game:

Hey look! I hit people while skating!!!!!

Me doing...uh, something during the Strictly Dickly/Vagine Regime game:

Meeting Charm City's Justice Feelgood Marshall for the first time...again:

I think he weighs around 10 lbs. soaking wet. Thank goodness he wasn't soaking wet in this photo.

The Dear Husband's tattoo that I had to redraw every day in Vega$:

Krissy Krash's improved tramp stamp:

Rat City's photographer, Axle Adams:

San Diego's Bo Toxic:

Tramp stamp on TXRD's announcer WundaMike. ACDG's Holly Caust is shocked. So am I:


Little Kenny said...

That last one just makes me go

"Oh my."


Ken Mitchroney said...

Pictures finally! And as always the tat's look awesome. Damn nice 90 proof drawing there sparky!

Courtney said...

oh Holly

Bette Noir said...

Oh Hollycaust....