Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I'm Not on TV...or Anywhere Else...

Saturday night was derby-licious.

A double-header game in El Segundo featuring Angel City Derby Girls(home team) vs. Oly Rollers(Olympia, WA), and BAD Girls(Bay Area) vs. San Diego. It was the must-see games of the season so far in SoCal, and so the Dear Husband and I packed up computers and a brand-spanking-new video camera to record the events as much as possible for those who weren't there or who just wanted to study the footage later.

I did blogcasting for Derby News Network. Which basically means as the action unfolded before me, I and two other knowledgable derby peeps would type one to two sentences for the internetz. When I announce, I try to keep my language clean for the kids. For the internetz? Well, uh, fuck that.

Here's a sampling of my foul fingers from both boutcasts I did, courtesy of DNN's Justice Feelgood Marshall. Which he posted on my Facebook page:

TARA ARMOV: Punk got taken the fuck DOWN by riot girl
TARA ARMOV: Heffer got taken teh FUCK down and finally calls it from teh floor
TARA ARMOV: Cherry's saying, "Fuck this shit" and isn't fighting.
TARA ARMOV: Fast as fuck pack
TARA ARMOV: Oly's lateral blocking is fucking tits
TARA ARMOV: Sioux faces Vavava Gina at the front of the pack, says FUCK THAT and calls it off.
TARA ARMOV: TOnight's DJ is fucking awesome.
TARA ARMOV: Enstephalitis is the fucking RAD for typing up the rosters for everyone.
TARA ARMOV: BO TOXIC FUCKING ROCKS. She just brought me a beer.
TARA ARMOV: fast fucking pack
TARA ARMOV: Holy fuckballs.
TARA ARMOV: Kiki knocked the fuck down
TARA ARMOV: Good time for Kiki to rack up some fucking points
TARA ARMOV: SD down 2 blockers and jammer in the pack, they're fucked.

My mom is probably so proud!

Here's a photo from Saturday night. It's of the DNN News Center(as I kept calling it on the blogcasts)featuring Ivana Clobber(derby gypsy right now, though she's been with Kansas City Roller Warriors and Boston, amongst other leagues), me, and BAD ref Enstephalitis.

You can see that we were a surly, yet good-natured-in-our-surliness bunch.

And why the hell can't I spell "the"?!?!?!


Cagey said...

Did Ivanna skate as Rah Rah for KCDC...?

Troy said...

You might want to expand your vocabulary a bit.

Not a "cocksucker" in the bunch.

Tsk, tsk.

RedDiabla said...

Cagey: yes.

Troy: I hang my head in shame. Goddammit.

Donna A. said...

I see you're wearing your news hound hat. You needed a piece of cardboard in the band, tho, that said PRESS. 8-)

RedDiabla said...

It's hard to see in the photo, but that's actually my Big Pimpin' hat. No, SRSLY, I got it as part of a pimp outfit. I look stoopid in it, but I enjoy the hat all the same.

Now, the Dear Husband, on the other hand, has a more "PRESS" quality hat. And don't think I haven't told him numerous times that he needs a "PRESS" card for the hatband when he's doing derby news stuff!

Ken Mitchroney said...

The Cohen brothers would be pleased.

RedDiabla said...

One would fuckin' hope!