Thursday, September 03, 2009

Some Pix from Last Saturday

Fight Crew lost by 10 points last Saturday.

It's not our proudest team moment.

However, after watching the game footage from the webcast, I can say that I played one of my personal best games EVAR.

I think it was the face-slapping that did it.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa...?! you may be asking yourself...

See, the San Diego Derby Dolls have a pre-game ritual where the team lines up and the team manager swiftly slaps the face of each skater down the line juuuuust before the game starts. It's an instant adrenaline rush and gets one's head in the game. I had our bench manager for the game, PITA from the Sirens, slap the living bejeezus out of me before my first jam. HOLY CRAP it worked! I still made mistakes, but I also blocked a lot harder and a lot smarter than in previous games.

FC captains are trying to figure out how to approach our last game of the season, which will be against the Sirens in October. I suggest a lot of face-slapping.

Anyway, here are some fun fotos from the game.

A two-fer...I had just hit Long Island Lolita, taking both her and myself down. FC co-captain Haught Wheels got caught in my cross-fire by falling over me:

I remember when I saw Lolita go down with her face so close to the kickrail, I thought, OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but she was uninjured.

Tough Soles and I in the penalty box:

I wasn't ejected from this game. Nor have I been ejected from any game this season. I came close, though. Especially at the end, where the refs gave me a penalty in a jam that I wasn't even skating in. That penalty that someone else committed would've gotten me kicked out of the last jam had it not been noticed that I wasn't in the jam that the refs were talking about.

Behind the Varsity Brawlers in the foreground is me flying over Vulvarine, who fell in front of me while going full speed. I landed sprawled in such a way that I hit my chin on the track(THANK GAWD we wear parents would've been pissed beyond belief if I messed up my teeth!), and my ribs and hips got bruised. The ribs especially got hit HARD when I landed. Owch.

Aaaaaaaaand a team photo with Fight Crew superfan Little Kenny(though I hear he's thinking of switching loyalties to VB...if that's true, I have something to say about that!), who has always been super-supportive of not only Fight Crew, but the Derby Dolls in general. He gave copious amounts of cash to the Ri-Ettes to help them go to Battle on the Bank in Austin in June, and he also helped out the Jr. Derby Dolls with their camp in July:

And here's a rare little treat. ARTWORK! That I did! This is the new logo that the flat track league in town, the Angel City Derby Girls, are using for their all-star team, the Scarlets. They have a "Pegasus of Power" theme going on...I don't know where it came from, but it gave me an excuse to build a goofy-looking logo in Illustrator:


Ken Mitchroney said...

Sorry we missed it but Area 51 will be back in action next month. Weeeee

Little Kenny said...

Shorts, flip flops and a hockey jersey are NOT a good combo. Gorsh I look like a dork. Thank goodness I'm surrounded by beautiful women. No one, but me will notice me.

I totally am not jumping the FC ship, er plane, but VB make for an excellent backup team to root for. Their performance last Saturday only proves that point. It was a great game. Tight score throughout. So much fun. Next time FC will take it I just know it. :)