Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, Kitty!

Last Friday I was finally staying on schedule to get to work at a reasonable hour.

As I stepped out the back door to get the murdersickle out for the morning commute, I almost stepped in this:

A beheaded bird.

A closer look...if you're in to that sort of thing:

Kitty at first was proudly lounging nearby...until I tried to take a photo of him. Then he excitedly got up and trotted over while I investigated the crime scene. I shooed him away from the corpse(I was still taking photos of it, dammit), and that hurt Kitty's feelings. When I was done, I tried to pet Kitty, and he shied away. Awwww, poor Kitty! It took several attempts at flattery to get him to finally believe me(he doesn't know that I was doing that just so he keeps the killing spree to a minimum). Then I fed him some nice wet cat food, which he infinitely prefers over the dry kibble we've been leaving out for him lately.

The Dear Husband says that a dried-out bird corpse was brought to the back door a couple of weeks ago. He said that Old Blue(the only cat that Kitty is afraid of) was the one that brought this previous victim to light when he was batting it around the back patio. The DH didn't take photos, but just disposed of the dead thing quickly.

My theory on this is that Kitty killed the bird but left it somewhere on the patio (much like the baby squirrels that were brought to us in September) where it wasn't found right away. Then Old Blue brought the corpse to our attention at a later date when the handiwork wasn't complimented enough(or they got really impatient with the continuation of the Dry Kibble Cat Diet).

It worked...the outdoor cats are now getting more wet food. Little conniving bastards.

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