Friday, April 30, 2010

Ghosts of High School past...

Ah, the cruel joys of Facebook.

My old friend Michelle has been posting old photos from Back in the Day.

Here we have Michelle, Vernon, and myself in Michelle's bedroom in lovely Yuba City. This is so 80's I can't fucking stand it. This must've been around 1988.

Oversized clothes and zorro hats. We're STYLIN'.

And here we have some 1987 action featuring me with my Robert Smith/Siouxsie Sioux hair. You know what looks really horrible on redheads? Black hair. But I was so goth I was dead back then, and obviously didn't know any better. And actually, this was back before Goth was Goth in the US. We were "deathrock" once upon a time.

What the hell is going on in this picture, anyway? Well, we have Ben, our main chauffeur Back in the Day(his car constantly burned oil and was named Big Jesus Trashcan after the Birthday Party song) sitting in the middle and foolishly allowing me and the lovely lady Felice to cut his hair. Which was an INSANE idea. Our version of a haircut involved Felice and I saying to each other, "OK, you start on that side, I'll start on this side, and we'll figure out the length later."

FOR REALS. And Ben STILL let us cut his hair.

The real scary part was that it turned out great.


*daisy said...

HA! That is amazing!!! : D Love it!

RedDiabla said...

I laughed sooooooooooooo hard when Michelle first posted the pics this week.

Troy said...


Pity we didn't meet back in '87- I bet we could have swapped some fucking cool mix tapes.

You would have liked my hair.

BomshellShocked said...

Look fantastic!

BomshellShocked said...

5 bucks if you can find an old pic of Sean

Donna A. said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Got more? ;-)

RedDiabla said...

Troy: oh man, the music fun would've been insane!

Nikki: I think I have one photo of Sean from around '89 or so that I can dig up sometime.

Donna: I'd have to go treasure hunting for more.