Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brain Dead

I seem to be creatively brain dead when it comes to my own artwork.

Next week I start a new short-term gig, and I know I'll get my shit together to do a good job on that. But I'm squandering my free time away on...almost nothing.

OK, I did useful things like get an oil change for the car, purchased new contact lenses and eyeglasses, and started to go through the millions of packing boxes full of crap that the Dear Husband and I haven't touched in at least ten years.

But artistically I'm in the middle of a Sahara-sized creative desert.

I don't know whether it's continued stress, frustration and burnout from derby(part of it definitely is), or if it's continued stress and frustration about not having a steady gig, or about not feeling as confident about my own art as maybe I could/should.

I do know that I'm taking things on a day-to-day basis on just being not miserable. And that's OK for the moment. I'm enjoying stupid shit like this as I sit on the computer:

For some reason 80's funk is really making me happy when I listen to it. Nostalgia? I hope not!

And then there's this:

I can't say I like 50 cent. But damn, his music just grooves for me, especially when I'm out running errands on the bicycle. 

The Dear Husband just started a new job which makes him(and me)very happy. He's working in the mid-city area where all the gourmet food trucks gather at lunchtime. It's as if he's in Foodie Mecca. Lucky bastard!

Welp, I have two more days to waste before going back to work, so I shall get back to it. Not a very inspiring blog posts, but they all can't be winners.


justdeb said...

Artistic'ness' isn't something you can force. And by law, we are most critical of our own art work much like we all (for the most part) don't like our driver's license picture. It easy to find our own imperfections and difficult to celebrate the good stuff. So, I have some homework for you...should you want some. Draw, paint, whatever something that you would NEVER normally capture. In a medium you are not used to. And then wait. Just walk away. After a week or so, come back and see how you did. Be patient with yourself and realize that sometimes, we can't be everything we think we should. Embrace this time as what it is...time. It's okay you have permission.

PhilB said...

What you need is some Bar-Kays: