Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cat's Out of the Bag...I mean, Hoodie

Back in November I was talking to Wanton Rebellion from Scarred Derby Designs while we were in Chicago for WFTDA Nationalships. We were joking about the Pivotstar contest to name their armless hoodie...you know, the contest I lost. She said, You should have your own hoodie anyway! I concurred.

About a month later she emails me asking if I was still interested in doing said hoodie. OF COURSE! I reply.

Then I got caught up in the new derby season and hating my life and going to Europe and rediscovering my reason for living. Wanton reminded me that she needed the design in time to start selling the hoodies at Wild West Showdown in Bremerton, Washington this weekend.

So I started to sweat, busted out a design, and hoped for the best.

Today she sent me this photo:


If you're going to Wild West Showdown, you can get a hoodie there. Or you can go here and ask them nicely how to order one.

Did I say GIGGITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! already?!


IndyGo Wylde said...

Wanton Rebellion is an amazing woman, as are you, and I love that you and she worked together to make such an awesome hoodie. I can't wait to buy one.

Ernessa from 32 Candles.com said...

I just emailed them. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to buy one sooner than later. i need this hoodie in my life -- especially now that it's too cold to wear my two skater girl t-shirts.