Sunday, April 03, 2011

BC Glasses

Two years ago I went through the trauma of picking out new eyeglass frames.

I have to admit, I ended up not liking the frames I chose. So when I went in for an eye exam last week, I decided that I needed new eyeglass frames again.

As soon as I got my updated eye prescription, I started roaming around the eyeglass shop ready to pick out THEE new glasses. After ten minutes, I found myself bogged down in overwhelming crapaciousness. I wanted something retro-ish but not too girly. But not too masculine, either. And nothing that curved down at the top because I'd get that annoying angry librarian look that doesn't work well on me. But at that moment I wasn't finding much of anything that was appealing.

Luckily a saleswoman came up to me and I happily let her start picking out frames for me. In another ten minutes she found frames that I thought were cool and hilarious at the same time. As soon as I tried them on, I knew I'd end up with them:

I look like crap in the photo because I have zero makeup on, but the glasses are cool in a supernerdy way. I call them my BC glasses for obvious reasons. They're Raybans, they're burgundy-colored, and heavier than my old glasses because they're bigger. The prescription is uber-visible, but at the moment I don't care. There's just something about them that I'm liking for the moment. I have a better feeling about these than I did my previous pair, so I hope to hang on to these frames for awhile!


Anonymous said...

I like them. They make you look smart.

Troy said...


Bronwen said...

Perfect! Very 'Sandra'(Frames)

Cagey said...

Love 'em. Good choice!

Next time, go to Society of the Spectacle,

It's run by these AWESOME sisters, and they have cupcakes on Saturdays. They carry a big array of supergreat frames, including what it sounds you look for.

RDJ605 said...

You look very pretty in your glasses.