Friday, January 06, 2012


Going from an active team skater to a retired-but-still-skating skater has been interesting.

I'm still skating multiple times a week. Sometimes it's a beach skate, sometimes it's wRECk League, sometimes it's pickup scrimmages, sometimes it's visiting another league's practice. That amount of skating is good, because on the beach skates, the tendonitis in my knee starts letting me know that it's determined to take up permanent residence. Not good if I was still on a team. But for general messing around? No biggie.

The other thing I'm now doing is resetting my body. After working in a studio that has Bagel Mondays, Donut Wednesdays and lots of other bad foods around often, I gained weight and couldn't take it off. I'm one of those people that has to be vigilant about bread and starch intake because I'll bloat up like a puffer fish, and I had lapsed in that vigilance.

Throw in the holidays where I ate and drank my way to more weight gain, and things started to be stupid for me. After eating my weight in cheese and pizza the last two days of 2011, I found myself 17 pounds heavier than when I started derby eight years ago. UNACCEPTABLE.

Now, I'll admit that some of that 17 pounds isn't just fat. There's muscle in there. Especially in my legs. My quadroceps are doing just fine in particular. Once upon a time I hit an all-time high of 20 pounds over my starating-at-derby weight, and it was allllll FAT. Real fat. Fat-fat. But still...

Luckily for me I got a six week unpaid hiatus from work, and that's the perfect time to reset my eating habits, diet, and forms of exercise while I'm at home enjoying not having to be anywhere on a schedule. My parents had gotten me an Amazon gift card, and I bought the P90x exercise program with it. I started it this week, and cut out cheese, bread, pizza, and other starchy stuff from my diet. I'm trying to eat as much whole food as possible: salads galore, meat that's recognizable, etc. The one big vice I'm not giving up is my morning sugar free Red Bull. Don't bother telling me how horrible it is for me, I need something to look forward to in the mornings.

I started a food journal. It's amazing how accountable I am when I have to write everything down with a calorie count next to it. I noticed I'm not snacking nearly as much as I used to, because writing everything down is a pain in the tuchus and I'm lazy. The downside? I'm obsessed with the calorie counts, and have been eating too few calories for the amount of exercise I'm now getting this week.

That ended up biting me in the ass this morning when doing the Legs and Back P90x workout and I thought I was going to pass out. Had to stop the tape and go eat a Larabar for quick calories. It helped, and I limped through the rest of the workout. But it made me realize that I have to be better about regulating what I'm doing or else I'm going to crash and burn like I did today, or end up running to Johnnie's Pastrami in a fit of ZOMG I'M SO DAMN HUNGRY AND I NEED TO EEEEEEAAAAAT!!! mood swing and inhaling five pastrami sandwiches, then passing out in a food-induced coma, only to wake up puking my guts out.

Some people start a food blog when they do a diet, recording their daily food intake and exercise regimen. I won't bore you with daily details. I'll bore you with my goal: to get back down to the weight I was when I started derby. That's really it. The P90x program will also help with my strength and muscle tone, but to me that's a bonus. I just want the weight off.

I also hope that with the time off from work and not needing to be at the track so often, I'll be able to rekindle any kind of drawing for myself. I feel so burned out, and haven't been taking in much inspiration to get kick-started again.

Ahhh, that's better!


George Pollard said...

As a minor geek (and full-on engineer), I found using a calorie counter on my phone to do the trick. I used an app called LoseIt, but there are others as well. Best of all, it was free. Can't beat the price.

Good luck, I'm sure the weight will evaporate. Just be smart about it, and do eat, just eat right.

RedDiabla said...

Yeah, I saw Chuck recommending the Lose It app, but it seemed unclear whether it was available on droids when I looked on their site. For now I'm liking the old-fashioned writing-things-in-a-real-journal approach, as I really need to reel in my eating habits. Once I get myself more settled, I'll probably add an app or something to help count calories when I'm out and about.

Burns! said...

I use LoseIt on my droid. In addition, I link it to my Fitbit, so all of the calories in *and* out (among other data) get tracked.

Ginamonster said...

I use the counters on webmd. Lost 3 pounds in the last week and as long as I don't revert back to my habit of eating too much of everything in sight, I should be fine. And by fine I mean back to my end of high school weight, which is where I want to be.
Good for you for getting on it. I know how hard it is.

-Grace N Motion