Saturday, January 28, 2012

And they say there aren't any heroes left...

I've talked about how much Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Maurice Sendak have influenced me artistically when I was but a small child.  This week found a reminder of one of those artistic heroes for me in the form of Steve Colbert interviewing Maurice Sendak.  I came away with the impression that Sendak is fighting a valiant battle against mediocrity when he was talking about modern children's books. I also came away with the impression that he's really damn sharp and took Colbert's sense of humor well.

And then I found an interview on NPR that was aired late last year. This was a flip side in general attitude, as NPR is a less sarcastic outlet than Colbert. It was very thoughtful and emotional, and I have to admit I sat and had tears streaming down my cheeks as I listened to a sad, old man who misses his old friends.

Where am I going with this? I wish I could meet him and say THANK YOU. That even though the millions of strangers who love his books can't be as nearly a good substitute for the people he misses in his life, I do think all those people love what he does. His fight against mediocrity has not gone unnoticed. I've heard one shouldn't meet their heroes, but I would still like to say that to him and then skedaddle before he says something biting that would crush my soulless soul.

PS: Semi-nonsequitir...I also would say something similar to Michelle Obama if I ever got the chance to meet her. She's one hell of a poised individual who gets way more shit than she should for just doing her job!

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