Friday, March 02, 2012

well HELLO there!

Quick notes:

  • Derby retirement is awesome. Retirement is putting the fun back in skating. I LIKE FUN. FUN IS FUN.

  • Starting P90x upon retirement was a very smart idea. Not only am I not gaining 50 pounds (nor am I losing a lot of weight, but whatever), but I have something resembling muscles now. It's kinda cool!

  • Work is going well. Because I don't have to rush off to the track multiple times a week during the work week, I'm actually able to concentrate on my job. Which I'm sure my bosses appreciate. I know my portfolio will.

  • Despite team skating retirement, the next two months are stupidly busy. I'm announcing for the LA Derby Dolls webcast for every game, including March RADness. I'll be spending a weekend in Phoenix to train one of the teams from the Arizona Derby Dames. I'm supposed to skate with Team Cruz at the Dust Bowl Invitational in Bakersfield. I'll be announcing with Dumptruck for the next Pro Roller Derby/Kitten Traxx Invitational in Arizona. And then there's that whole announcing and skating at Battle For The Coast in April. 

  • I'm obviously unclear on the concept of actual retirement.

  • Hey look! A flier I designed that doesn't suck too bad!

We have a new website for the banked leagues out there: Banked Track News. I have to start writing some ranting-type of stuff there soon. It's hard to be enthused to sit at a computer in one's leisure time when one sits at a computer for their day job. But buh-leeve me, I have topics to rant about!

OK, I have to go and print out rosters for the LA/Gotham game tomorrow. As well as coming up with a suitably torturous lesson plan for the incoming Fresh Meat on Sunday. And I gotta find time to sort through receipts to get our taxes done.

Such a quiet life!

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