Wednesday, May 17, 2006


A few weeks ago one of the husband's biker friends emailed me saying that he saw a photo of me in a chopper magazine called The Horse. I was amused, since The Horse is a somewhat typical biker mag in that the women seen in its pages are usually wearing veryvery little and are draped across motorcycles that they don't own and therefore don't ride. So what would little old me be doing in a magazine like that?

Skating at the No Love ride, of course. Click on photo to see bigger copy of said photo:

It's a crapacious scan, but the photo is pretty funny. Appropos for the mag, since I almost have cleavage showing.

I'm still shovelling Scooby doo. One of the sequence directors is making friends and influencing people by totally flaking on getting his section done. The board artists on his crew are disgusted...and after I saw what their boards look like(absolutelyfreakingamazing stuff, they're doing), I can understand why...the director's stuff looks like an autistic koala on LSD drew it out. I can't wait to hear what happens next.

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