Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I never thought I'd say this...

...but I'm beginning to miss spinach.

As a kid the only spinach I was exposed to was the usual cooked goo in a can. I hated it. Putrid, awful stuff. As an adult, I came across uncooked spinach, and my world brightened. It was delicious and nutritious. A bonus on the iron, since I have the Red Cross crawling up my telephonic ass every couple of months for blood donations.

I was in heaven a couple of months ago when I discovered that one of the local Whole Foods markets had spinach caesar salad at their salad bar. Throw some chicken on that and it's the perfect light lunch.

But now, my world has gone gray again because of the E coli spinach scare. I tried to get some fresh spinach at the store last night and was severely SOL. I had to settle for romaine lettuce. It's nice, but it isn't the same.

Stoopid E coli!


Marshmallow Mouse said...

Hi Sandy,
We used to work together years ago on a TV show. I just found your blog and like its style and humor. Good to see you are still active artistically. I knew another Derby Doll who worked in radio. Did you meet someone like that? Be well, ~Sue

Miss Mindy said...

I miss spinach too--

RedDiabla said...

Hey Sue! Long time no talk! Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, as a matter of fact! Cool blog, I must say!

Miss Mindy -- what does one do for spinach withdrawals?