Monday, August 20, 2007

Good times, good times

New Fight Crew teammate Vulvarine took a lot of pix at Rollercon and she posted them up on Flickr. Since I still don't have my photos on my computer and therefore haven't uploaded them to Flickr myself, I'm going to steal some of her thunder.

First, we have one of the drawings I did for Lonestar skater, Cherry Chainsaw over the course of the weekend. Yes, that is a Homer Simpson quote next to the drawing:

For those who can't read it(I barely can), it says, "Alcohol: the cause and solution to life's problems".

Next, we have a leg drawing I did on Sirens' teamember, Ana Hymen:

And here we have one of our new referees, Corporal Carnage, dressed in PVC and Sharpie ink. The drawing on his chest is from Vulvarine. Notice that I'm wearing a dress. And it's blue. That's because this was taken during Rollercon's Black and Blue Ball. It was fun. We almost crashed through the ceiling onto the casino floor below because everyone was bumpin' to the music.

I should post a better pic of the dress. It's weird to see me in anything besides black.

And here we have a fine example of my kick-ass cross-training. Yes, I'm smoking and am not entirely sober. Yes, I'm wearing a goddam skirt. Yes, I'm drawing on people while sitting in the casino bar. The guy with his hand in my crotch is Hurt Reynolds, who lives in Seattle but is going on a cross-country derby-livin' extravaganza of epic proportions. He's a really cool guy, and I've had many an interesting derby discussion with him, especially since he hangs with the flat-track crowd.

And here we have my reaction upon seeing the above photo:

Today I'm going into work withdrawals.

No, seriously. I miss the job already.

Friday I was completely useless at act went into shipping and I had a margarita at lunch and a Long Island Iced Tea at dinner to celebrate. I made a huge card for the supervising director to thank him for babysitting me on this job. I slipped the card under his office door and went back to my office to watch some Jimmy Cagney films. He came shuffling by about an hour later with a completely shocked look on his face. It was awesome. Later in the day he came back with a drawing of his own that depicted me running over characters from the show and breaking through the guard gate of the studio on my motorcycle. It's awesome.

So far there isn't much out there work-wise...even the freelance situation ain't lookin' too good. Ah well. I have a huge list of stuff I need to do this week...everything from making an appointment to get my tatt removed to sending in some jury duty paperwork to cleaning the house. Also, the cats have been on strike food-wise. It was really bad over the weekend, but I think now that it's not quite as blisteringly hot outside, the little buggers will start eating again.

I hope.


Ken Mitchroney said...

Glad you had the chance to be a babysitter for once. I'm sure you will do a kick ass job on the next gig too.
Bless you for checking out the Cagney films. I was thinking of you today. The Rosealind Russell fest was on TCM. Thought you would dig her and her films.
Love seeing the alca-tats. The more ya drink the more ya draw. Your saving the bar a fortune in cocktail napkins.

RedDiabla said...

Oh, I wasn't the babysitter; I got babysat. Need to learn more about the fine art of slugging and timing!

I missed the Rosalind Russell fest on TCM. Dammit! What's your recommendations for Rosalind Russell 101?

Ken Mitchroney said...

Okay, You asked for it.

Roughly speaking

My sister Eileen

His girl Friday

Antie Mame ( Just for her, Not so much for the film)

The Women

Fours a crowd

If you dont have any let me know and i will fire up the old duper and send you some. I just like her Caffinated style energy, She is also a very good grounding eliment in her pictures. More strong women roles too.
Just like Eve Arden

Becca said...

Well, well, well....wearing a BLUE dress, SMOKING, somebody else's hand other than STEPH's on YOUR CROTCH - WOW!!! I have no words! :O Must have been some rollercon!

Sorry to hear about the job. It really makes a big difference when you enjoy the crew you work with. Oh well...