Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Homestretch

This Friday is my last day at my job.

I'm sad.

However, this next week is going to be busy as hell since I HAVE A GAME NEXT SATURDAY.

I was kinda hoping this game wouldn't happen, but it is. So please, show the f*$) up if you can, it should be good! And, it's all ages, so bring the kids and have 'em be psychologically damaged for years to come due to roller derby exposure!

Last weekend the husband and I went to Vega$ for Rollercon.

Holy hell, was that fun!

My daily routine consisted of: getting up around 10am. Cursing the dry air. Getting my skate gear together and trudging down to the parking garage for on-skate workshops. Sweat like crazy. Stink up the place. Hit girls that I've never skated with before. Go back to the hotel room. Take a shower. Take a nap with my contacts in. Wake up and get dressed in outfits that I'd never wear in public while in LA. Go wander around the hotel casino floor. Text everyone since I couldn't get cell phone reception worth a crap. Sit in the Mai Tai bar and pull out a buttload of Sharpie markers. Wait for some girl to get in range, grab her, and start drawing on her. Get a crowd. Get free mai tai's. Go find some food. Come back to the hotel and draw some more. Wander around the Strip at night, cursing the dry air. Come back to the hotel and draw some more. Rinse and repeat until 3, 4, or 6am. Go crash in the hotel room.

Seriously, bringing the Sharpies was the BEST. IDEA. EVERRRRRRR. Over the course of the weekend I drew on over 80 people. It was incredibly fun! But something funny would happen over the course of the weekend. I'd draw on people, then see them the next day with my doodles still on their bodies, and they wouldn't recognize me! Ah yes, drunkeness at its best! Here's a couple of examples of my doodles:

The husband took pix of almost every drawing I did. I still have to sift thru the pile and then post everything to Flickr. When I do, I'll post a link here.

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Becca said...

You should have charged $$$ while they were still under the influence!!! Lovely body art, missy!