Friday, August 31, 2007

Moar stoopid pix

I'm supposed to be working on freelance right now, but I'm having a very difficult time getting into it. Why? Because even though it's a cute little Flash show, it's a complex little Flash show with about 10 kazillion characters who have a lot of battle sequences. How the f*** did I get a job with battle scenes, fer feck's sake?! It ain't right, I just like to do the funny, not the epic!

Ah well, at least I have plenty o' thumbnail drawings that the storyboard supervisor gave me, so I should be slogging through it soon enough.

In the meantime...

The weather is also distracting me. Too damn hot and humid to draw in a house with no air conditioning. Funny, since the last job I had where I was in-house, I spent the majority of my time freezing my tuchus off, thanks to the other directors being covered in a protective layer of...who knows what so that their offices were sweltering dens of masculinity which resulted in the air conditioning needing to be on full-blast all the time. Anyway, Sweaty Betty is in full effect at my house. Be forwarned.

And Sweaty Betty got to sweat it out in Compton last night. The Derby Dolls had to move our track again. It looks like we're officially out of our Little Tokyo location, and are currently homeless. So we're storing our track at Mila Minute's work in freakin' Compton. I've never been to Compton was an experience.

You know how on tv you see how the ghetto is full of liquor stores, fast food restaurants, car repair places, general squalor and hookers? Guess what? It's like that in real life! I carpooled with new Siren Roxy Cotton and Tough Cookie Kaboom, and we sounded like tourists when we saw our first smatterings of hookers. Oooooooooohhhhhh, WOWWWWWWWWW! was emitted in non-sarcastic ecstasy several times as we drove down the street. Amazing...just...amazing.

Enough people showed up to unload the track and store it so that it took about an hour and a half...a new record! On our way out Roxy, Kaboom and I planned on checking out a revamped dive bar in Culver City...that is, until a skittish-yet-friendly bundle of fur found us. A young pup, around 4-5 months old with rheumy eyes, wandered into the parking lot and found her ticket out of the ghetto. We immediately knew that we couldn't leave her to the fates, so Kaboom volunteered to take the pup. No name for the dog yet, so we're just calling her the Derby Dog.

One more thing to yakk about...I went in for my first of seven laser treatments to get rid of my one tattoo. It stung like a mofo getting it done. But it was over very fast. My skin was warm like a nuclear reactor for the rest of the day, and I was pretty good about icing the area. There are a couple of small blisters on the tatt area now, but they don't hurt or anything and it isn't distracting. I go back in six weeks for treatment numero two.

Here's a few more pix from Saturday. Here I am getting kicked out of the game:

I love the expression of Haught Wheels in the center of this photo:

Tawdry Tempest and I in full-on Scooby glory:

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