Sunday, September 23, 2007

What I Do Online...

Here's a silly post inspired by my online perusing today...

I religiously read quite a few sites every day I'm near a computer. Today's perusing had me catch up with Uncle Eddie's Theory Corner, where a particular topic got me thinking about things I see on one of my other fave sites. Btw, if you're in the animation biz, you should be required to read Uncle Eddie's blog. If you're not in the animation biz, you should read his blog to know that more people like him should be in charge of the animation biz.

The particular topic (WARNING: clicking on the Particular Topic brings up some photos of nekkid girls. NSFW) started with Uncle Eddie's taste in nekkid girls. He apparently doesn't mind underarm hair on girls. Read through the comments, and you'll see various people commenting on underarm hair. And pubic hair. Which got me thinking. Oh no. It's now commonplace for most women to shave, wax, or trim their pubic hair. I have mixed feelings about it, but more on that later.

Here's where my perusing and thinking cross each other's paths...

One of my other fave sites to check out constantly is Craig's List. Alright, I'm absolutely, COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY OBSESSED with reading Craig's List throughout the day. Rants and Raves. Missed Connections. Creative Gigs. The bulletin boards. And, of course, the personal ads. Men for women, women for men, men for men, t-girls for men, strictly platonic, casual encounters, misc. romance...I read them all.

Something I've noticed about the personals...guys sure like to show their junk on Craig's List. Two immediate thoughts come to mind whenever I see a pic of some guy's junk when he's advertising for a date/hookup/LTR on a m4w board. One: do chicks who aren't total skanks really go for that? I always thought women liked a little mystery in that least at first. Two: why are men starting to totally shave their pubic hair? Trimming? OK, I can kinda-sorta understand that. But shaving?!?!?!?!? Especially when the guy has chest hair?!?!?!?!?!?!? It looks RI-GODDAM-DICULOUS when a guy has chest hair and then shaves his pubic area. Just sayin'. Makes me glad I'm not out trying to get a date on Craig's List, I tell you whut.

OK, got that off my mind. Discuss.


My two new favorite sites, because they combine two wonderful things...roller derby and lolcats:

I Can Has Lead Jammer?


And yes, I've been making lolskaters for both sites, as evidenced below:

Here's something I'd like to see more of...

My friend Kenny has a fun blog and he knows a ridiculous amount about films and film making. He knows alllll of the cool old films from Back in the Day, and he watches Turner Movie Classics a lot. On my own blog he gave a great little list of Rosalind Russell 101 films to see. Which I have to get on and watch when I'm done with my current freelance hell. I'd like to see other actor 101 lists. Start basic, and see where it goes. You know I've never seen a Gary Cooper film? I've barely scratched the surface of what Clark Gable did. Barbara Stanwyck? I know she's cool, but what are her best films? I finally saw Bette Davis in Of Human Bondage last week. Why the hell haven't I watched it before?! What about all those character actors from the 30's and 40's? Jeez, it's almost overwhelming what's out there. People like Kenny help out the staggeringly ignorant such as myself when it comes to finding stuff like that.

And now, back to my freelance and my mixed thoughts on women getting rid of their pubic hair. Thank you and goodnight.

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Ken Mitchroney said...

Thanks for the plug, WOW. I guess all that blather about the old movies is starting to sink in. Be sending you a few gems next week. Great seeing you at dinner by the way. The tem-tat only lasteed a few days..(sob)