Wednesday, September 05, 2007



Seriously, I was getting concerned about the stoopid cats again. The Angriest Cat in the World hasn't regained the weight she lost during the last heatwave when the husband and I were in Vegas for Rollercon. She's now a delicate little creature, and I don't know how much longer she'll be with us. Sucks.

I might be able to get some work done now, though. It was too hot and humid to draw over the holiday weekend. Seriously, one would think that drawing wouldn't be uncomfortable under most circumstances...that is, until they try to draw when the graphite in their pencil is practically melting. I'm now so far behind on my freelance it's obscene. It doesn't help that the project is driving me nutso. Any excuse to step away from my desk, and I take it. Baaaaaaaad.

Here's a drawing I did for a skate company that found me drawing on people at Rollercon. It's for a new line of derby-specific skates that they're coming out with. The skates are called, "Rebels", so they wanted a mean-but-not-too-mean girl for the ad. I haven't seen the final ad, but apparently they made the skates and her hair black. Fine by me.

The Derby Dolls might have found a new home. Woohoo! Which means I get to help move the damn track again as soon as this weekend if things go right. Not looking forward to that. But having a home for 6-10 months sounds pretty damn good right now, so whatever.

Not much else is going on. When I'm done with this round of freelance I want to take some serious time off and clean out the closets in the house. Doesn't that sound exciting?!

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