Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Can Has Drawings?!


I actually managed to turn on my home computer and upload some crap!


I was poking around my piles o' paper in the art room earlier this week looking for efx and timing notes from last year's funfest when I found a pile o' drawings that had been taped to my office door while I was experiencing the joys of being a New Director. Here's a small sampling:

I actually don't remember what the hell this was for, but she's kinda hot:

It looks like it was a birthday card or something. Uh, I wonder if it turned out OK.

My feelings one particular Friday afternoon:

That didn't happen too often, as I was usually too busy to be bored. Same thing this year...whatever adjectives I could use to describe this year's experience, "boring" wouldn't be anywhere near the top.

I found a bunch of other drawings too, but knowing how ridiculously slow I am about posting new stuff, I'd better parcel it out slowly.

My layoff date is in two weeks. I'm actually happy about it.

Especially now that the weather's turned hot as f&*%^ again...I won't want to travel east of the 405 freeway for anything other than a drinking emergency for the next few months.

But I won't be able to be a beach bum yet...there's still this game:

VIP's already sold out, and there's less than 200 General Admission tix left. It's gonna be a helluva game.

I still have 7 lbs. of Overweightness to get rid of. Life is conspiring against me by supplying me with friends who serve good food.


1 comment:

Gary Clair said...

No.. YOUR awesome!!!

;) I've got a whole bag of compliments with your name on them missy!

And I already got my ticket for the game! :)