Saturday, April 19, 2008

Worst Week Evarrrrrrrrrrrr

In February I posted about having a sh!tty week.

I retract that.

THIS week was a sh!tty week.

OK, actually, in the big picture of life, I shouldn't b!tch. I wasn't in any accidents, my house didn't fall down, my cats haven't been kidnapped to be used in any satanic sacrifices, and the husband hasn't left me for a militant lesbian with a faux-hawk and mustache who would use him to impregnate her with the Anti-Christ.

But I did get sick... again.

Work got flipped upside down and EVERYTHING was redrawn (approximately 800 2-panel storyboard pages) in four days.

I've been flaky about meeting Mudsock and other old friends for lunch because of the sh!tty work schedule.

Derby drama reared its very ugly head and I ended up screaming on the phone to the owner of the league while high on cough syrup and struggling to finish my work drawings.

I had gained 10 pounds in the course of a week and a half due to the stress-eating because of derby and a tense work situation.

This weekend is Passover, so losing that weight isn't gonna happen for another week.

My team captain fractured her shoulder last week. The bad: she's a member of the All-Star team which is scheduled to play our sister league from San Diego on May 3. She now can't play that game due to the fracture.

Guess who's now in?

Little Miss Alternate: ME.

The good? Umm...I don't know, as I'm not happy about the circumstances leading me to be in the game.

However, there are some bright sides:

My current job ends in about three weeks. I can't freakin' wait.

Because of my being sick this week, my body was finally able to get some rest, and is now ready to get punished in preparation for the May 3 game against San Diego.

I have drawings to scan in and build in Illustrator.

And hey, Scooby was found to be part of Roxy Cotton's amazing butt bruise:

Thanks to Uccellina's Very Busy Husband for the photo!

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Mudsock said...


From Roxy Cotton's bashed behind to Uccellina's "view from here", T&A has been redefined.

Oh. Don't worry about lunch. We'll get there when we can.