Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, Comic Con!

Today I'm prepping to go to Comic Con tomorrow.

Which is slightly difficult, because I'm veryveryvery sore from running not one, but THREE rounds of "Tarametrics" for the kiddies at the LA Derby Dolls' Jr. Derby Camp that's in session this week. All I want to do today is sleeeep.

I heard that the kids didn't think I was as tough on them as they'd hoped. Harrumph. I hope they're sore as hell today too!


I have my Sharpies ready to go. Think I have enough?

I'm also bringing about 750 gumballs. That's right, gumballs. They have Scooby and Shaggy on them. No, I didn't buy them myself...the Dear Husband got them from one of his coworkers. Apparently said coworker has a gumball machine and ordered these gumballs for it. For whatever reason, they're not what he wanted, so he brought them to work to give away there. That's when the DH took over by saying how funny it would be for a bunch of women to hand out gumballs at their booth at Comic Con.

I also found my flask. That will be absolutely necessary.

Oh, I suppose I should say where I'm gonna be, since there might actually be a reader or two of this blog who might stop by and get drawn on(suckas!):

GirlsDrawinGirls booth #5528

Friday and Saturday, noon-4pm

On Friday I'll be doing "portfolio reviews"(lourd help the lost souls who dare approach me for that), and on Saturday I'll be a Booth Babe. Hint: I'll be the one looking like a tranny.

I actually can't wait to see the new book GDG is putting out: Once Upon A Girl. What I've seen already looks fantastic, so GO BUY THE BOOK!

As an added bonus, my Puss N' Boots pic is in it. So...GO BUY THE BOOK!

Hooray for nerds!


Mike said...

That's cool1 I will be there as well so I will look for you. You can smack me then for all my snarky comments. Is Steph going too?

Little Kenny said...

I'm gonna be in Portland starting tonight and throughout the weekend otherwise I'd be there for another Sharpie tat.

Have fun.