Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trying... get myself together art-wise.

I can't believe how horrible I am at self-organization and self-promotion. It's staggering.

This week a call went out to DIY derbydom to send bout posters, league stickers, etc. to Michigan where they're filming the latest Drew Barrymore film, Whip It! They'll be using said posters and stickers as background elements in the film.

Well, since I wasn't young or cool enough to be a skater for the film, I thought that I should get some posters and stickers in ASAP. But, I don't have extras of the posters I designed to just give away, so I emailed the contact for the film's "art department" asking if I could send a disc of the images and if they decide to use them I'll find a way to print them up.

But noooooooooooooo, they won't go for that.


I'm pissed. Mainly at myself for not grabbing more copies of my stuff when I had the chance.

So all I have to send at this point are the Battle on the Bank posters (luckily they're big: 18"x24") and some stickers.

That'll learn me.

Speaking of art crap, here's the final result of the single drawing I did for SureGrip last year. They approached me at Rollercon and afterwards had me do a single drawing. Due to getting paid for that drawing, I was able to write off the entire convention on the ol' taxes. Good times!

Nice looking ad, don't you think? Except for the fact that the skater girl doesn't have a nose!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily the sticker turned out better:

And no, I didn't grab enough of the stickers to send along to the Whip It! people either.



Ninamree said...

Good thing I read your blog... because I didn't know they said no. I am going to take DIY to the next level and send out home-made stickers, off my printer of course. I hope the res is decent.
Oh, and BTW if you need help with promoting yourself, let me know. I am becoming quite the assistant!

RedDiabla said...

Actually, I was able to grab my last piece of sticker paper and print out some Enforcers stickers. So there. Job done.

Ninamree said...

It's no wonder I adore you!

Ken Mitchroney said...

Mean people suck. Hollywood people "REAllY" suck.

Anonymous said...

I might just work at a little print on demand dotcom, so if you need posters printed up in a jiffy next time, could probably do 1-2 day shipping / arrival time. sorry I know it's late! I'm behind on your blogginess.

skatie.hawkins at gmail dot com