Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm in a "Yeah, whatever" mood today. Always a fine line between good and bad stuff going on, and I realize "good" and "bad" are extremely relative these days...

Good things: my portfolio is out and about. I have some freelance lined up to start after Halloween. I had lunch with RC and Mudsock yesterday and it was fun. I've lost half the weight I gained by porking out over the weekend.

Bad things:
internal politics suck. Some aspects involving a certain group in a certain bigger group are going backwards not forwards but as usual, I'm like Cassandra and will be ignored at best. Whatthehellever. The fires in SoCal have affected a few people I know, including one of my teachers from CalArts, Corny Cole. Sad. I still don't know who I'm voting for on Nov. 4. SRSLY. But I'm having fun watching/listening to the Frontline show on Obama and McCain.

Ok, here's a stoopid doodle I did while working on the last batch of freelance:

I think I was thinking of superhero chicks at the time.

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