Thursday, October 09, 2008


I'm rushing around this Yom Kippur getting ready for a quick trip to Jackson, CA.

Damn, I'm hungry.

And I know you're hungry for something other than my derby babblings, especially with a Redneck Theater update wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue.

Well, too bad, all I have time for is more self-congratulatory, self-references on my self-blog.

The most relevant portions of losangelous' review:

9.30pm. Midway through the fourth quarter, Brawler co-capitanitas Long Island Lolita and Juana Beat’n are ejected in close succession, and again and of course DF has no clue why. But the crowd boos and cheers in equal measure, and it all works out quite well as the VBs’ two standout skaters get a moment in the spotlight, however pseudo-ignominious. Perhaps of even more note, though, not a single FC skater is ejected. (This is a good result in theory, but then again, the late-game Armov heave-ho was becoming as much a derby tradition as baseball’s seventh-inning stretch, and I must admit I kind of missed it.)

9.43pm. As the bout winds down, Vulvarine ices the Crew’s victory cake with a record-tying ten-point jam, and even Tara Armov gets a turn as jammer. But the final word goes to Judy Gloom, who punctuates her return to form after a long road back from injury with yet another five-point jam, earning honors as the game’s top-scoring jammer, and putting the exclamation point on the Fight Crew’s 78-23 victory over the Varsity Brawlers. On paper it’s a crushing margin of defeat, but it’s as mutually feel-good derby result as DF has ever seen; the big win was a much-needed tonic for the Crew after a disappointing 2008 regular season, and the Brawlers certainly have everything to be proud of after a fully meritorious and really quite promising debut.

See ya next week.


Roger Assaultrey said...

*Jonesing for a Beavis update*

RedDiabla said...

Hopefully tonight.