Monday, April 20, 2009

From Last Saturday's Game

Big hat, curly hair, loud voice, cool shirt, hot pants and shiny legs:

Sirens squeaked by in the last jam, winning 77-71 against the newbie team, the Varsity Brawlers. That woke everyone in the league up! Fight Crew faces VB in August. We gots work to do!

As an extra-special bonus to my being able to be team manager on Saturday, I got to meet a punk legend: John Doe from X. Out of all the celebrities we've had at our games, this one made me the most happy. I listened to X a lot when I was younger, and still do when I'm in a particularly LA mood, mostly when driving around near downtown. So getting to talk to him was a Big Deal for me.

Anyway, I encountered him about 15 minutes before the game started, and I was all decked out in the Sirens outfit complete with cop sunglasses, Commie Captain hat, and tall boots. So I ended up towering above him. We shook hands, he laughed at my name, and I told him how much I loved his music and how excited I was that he was singing the National Anthem to start off the game. He then told me a story about how he was asked to sing the National Anthem for one of the Austin leagues but the US had just invaded Iraq so he wouldn't do it as a conscientious objector. Interesting! But apparently he's feeling a little better about the US now and did a fine job singing for us Saturday night. He couldn't stick around for the game but swore he'd come back. Oh, and of course he used to watch the LA T-birds play at the Olympic Auditorium Back in the Day.


Ken Mitchroney said...

And thanks to work, I missed it ALLLLL! Nice work on the win Cappy.

RedDiabla said...

I didn't do anything except yell out lineups. Mila Minute pulled out the jams in the Last Jam. She rocked it.