Thursday, April 23, 2009


OK, so it's been a million years since I actually posted anything art-related on this alleged art blog, so here ya go...some ugly drawings.

Of course I can't keep the derbyz out of my posts, now can I? Here we have an interpretation of badass blocker Killo Kitty from the Sirens:

I definitely need to get more cuteness in her face.

And here's a badly done scan of a Krissy Krashesque girl. It's supposed to be Krissy, but...uh...yeah. Not so much:

Having her right skate in her crotch just can't be comfortable.

Actually, I like this drawing despite its major retardation. The pose is fairly dynamic, though simplistic in a "obviously I don't look at a bunch of comic books to get these action poses more interesting" type of way. I like her head proportions a lot, too, even though it's as big as her butt. Which doesn't happen in real life. Ha!

And sorry for the crapacious scan. I usually doodle on the backs of old storyboard paper. Which shows through when I have the lid down on the copier/scanner. So I tried scanning with the lid up, and now the image is dark and gloomy. Much like my soul.

Alright, back to work.


Anonymous said...

Waaay cool!


RedDiabla said...


How'd you find the blog, Sammy?