Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LADD game this Saturday

Our bout promos are bananas:

I get to be the Sirens' team manager again for this game. Which means I gotta lose enough weight to fit into the uniform shirt again...which I was barely able to do last time. Ah well, people will be distracted by my captain's hat anyway! Ha!

I love the city council district the LA Derby Dolls are in. They actually like us. They like us so much, they put up a blog entry about us for last week's Treasures of Los Angeles award ceremony.

Getting this award is a Big Deal for us. It gives us credibility in the city's eyes, and that's a Very Good Thing for when we have to search for our next digs...which we'll have to do this year at some point. Bleh.

At the awards ceremony we got to wear skates at the Bonaventure Hotel, eat free food and drink free wine in the VIP area, hang out with our city councilman, Eric Garcetti, meet and greet local newscaster Jim Hill, talk with and take photos with LA Police Chief Bratton, and hit up boxer Oscar de la Hoya for some fancy footwork lessons. As an added bonus, we got to grab all the reusable insulated shopping bags that were given as freebies as we could carry, along with an orchid centerpiece or three. A good day, to be sure!

Here's a photo(taken by famous LA photographer Gary Leonard) taken of all of us during the ceremony when Demolicious accepted the award. Top row: LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Demolicious, City Council President Eric Garcetti. Middle row: Krissy Krash, Myna Threat, Roxy Cotton, Kaboom, Juana Beat'n, some jerkface. Bottom row: Brandi Iron, Sniperella, Mila Minute, PITA.

Next week I start another round of Freelance Fun, so maybe there will be less derby blathering here.

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