Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Baby Boo, Take Two

Thank goodness Tilda Whirl is around to keep me from wandering off too far into Stoopidland. I found the little flower icon on the camera thanks to her and got some better shots of the little bird I found yesterday.

Obviously, I'm not a golfer.

I crack myself up.

Anyway, here we go:

Note that one of the sclerotic rings is still in the eye socket:

Back view:

Closer view of the back of the skull:

Detail of the right wing and upper leg:

Fascinating, isn't it?


tilda said...

Tilda Whirl: Available for consultation on type placement and camera troubleshooting! Book me for parties where you're looking to bore your guests into submission!

That bird is amazing. Glad you got the photos worked out.

Chokabitchski said...

Nice job on the macro re-shoot. Pretty darn cool. And the "holy crap there is a dead bird in our window!" from the last post, cracks me up.

RedDiabla said...

Without Tilda Whirl, this post would not have been possible.

And the bird is still in my kitchen window.