Friday, October 02, 2009

Happy Snoopy Dance!!!!!!

My underemployed mojo was running strong for almost a year now. The freelance I'd been working on was fun, but the pay shall I say? Painfully low? Meager? Made me reconsider starting a profitable meth lab in the back room?

Yeah, all of the above.

So I started looking for work in earnest recently. Got shot down a few times(but at least I didn't have to take a test!), was extremely stressed out since both the Dear Husband and I haven't been working for awhile, but FINALLY interviewed with a well-known small studio that is working on a new Peanuts special. AND GOT THE JOB!!!!

I'm definitely one of those people who loved Peanuts as a kid. I had quite a selection of Snoopy toys, and my first wristwatch was one of Lucy that I wore for years(wish I knew what happened to it). I could draw Snoopy fairly well for a dumb kid. I drew him a lot.

I read the comic strip every day. I discovered my favorite era in Peanuts when I got a book that was a compilation of some of the 60's strips which I find was the best design and most clever writing that Schultz did. The 50's era was very...round design-wise. The 70's brought the bulbous design that has steadfastly held on, just the line quality changed. But the 60's? Stylized, but fluid and solid.

And of course there's the tv specials. Who didn't freak the hell out in ecstasy when the CBS intro for their holiday programming came on?! Who didn't love watching the Xmas special, The Great Pumpkin, or the most sob-inducing, Snoopy Come Home? I sure as shit did!

So to find out about this particular project, get in for an interview and to succeed in landing the gig makes me feel like I was destined to do it. I think the last time I felt this way was when I first went to work at Warner Bros. I'm that excited.

So here's an appropriate Snoopy Dance of joy:


Troy said...

Big congrats to you, this is very cool news!

Little Kenny said...

Awesome! I spent a lot of time as a kid in Santa Rosa at Schultz's studio while my pop hung out at the ice rink with the other aging hockey players he grew up with.

Totally cool gig. :)


Ken Mitchroney said...

Happy Snoopy Dance Indeed. They are damn luck to have you on there project too. Go get um' lady

Chris Battle said...

Wild Brain? Peanuts? Awesome! Go have some Zingers to celebrate!! (and get yerself up to the Charles Schulz Museum if you haven't been yet)

Genevieve said...


Coleen said...

Wow, that's amazing! SO. SO. SO. SO. Jealous. Dream job, in-fn-deed.

Roger Assaultrey said...

Congratulations. I too lurve me some Peanuts.