Sunday, October 25, 2009



After two seasons of being the Charlie Brown team, Fight Crew finally won a regular season game last night against the Sirens! The score was 101-88.


Some highlights from last night include:

  • I didn't get kicked out of the game. Which makes this season extra-special since I didn't get kicked out of any game the entire year!

  • Being told that I am no longer "notorious" as a result.

  • Having the Dear Husband's parents in attendance. They hadn't been to a game in about a year. I think they enjoyed themselves...they at least got preferential parking and VIP seats!

  • Having Papa Armov give me a kiss on the forehead before the game. The derby folk who caught that were apparently freaked out because they didn't think I'd let anyone do that. I say it's an old Jewish custom that helps teams win roller derby games, so shush!

  • Having our good friends the Boops show up and take photos. They haven't been to a game in at least two years, if not longer. They were impressed with the ever-upwards production value of the game. Woohoo!

  • Hurricane Ken dragging "Area 51" , Tara's fan club to the game. It's always nice to have friends screaming, "WHAAAAT!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" during the entire game.

  • I think I did a good job in the game. I don't think I was as consistent as the previous game, but apparently I did well enough to keep me going in every other jam the entire game.

  • Wrecking announcer Evil E's new invention: the Tara Armov Drinking Game. Whenever I get sent to the penalty box, everyone takes a drink. Didn't work well the first half, as I wasn't sent to the penalty box at all. However, I made up for it the second half, where I would've gotten kicked out of the game if there had been one more jam!

  • Whenever the refs called a time out, I'd yell either, "NAP DRILL!" where everyone on the track would fall down and pretend to go to sleep, or I'd yell, "BOOTY SHAKING DRILL!" where everyone on the track would shake their butts in time with the background music.
  • Having our jammer Haught Wheels take a whip off of my belt so hard that I was sent flying backwards onto my butt. The audience LOVED that!

  • Throwing a heinous penalty that was NOT CAUGHT by the on-duty refs, but made the off-duty refs stare open-mouthed in amazement. PS: sorry about shoving you like that, PITA!

  • Seeing my team really keep their shit together during the game. It was a close game throughout, but for the most part, everyone kept their wits about them and did what they needed to do. It was beautiful!

  • We had by the far the weirdest skateout ever in LA Derby Doll history. I'm proud of that.

  • Meeting an animator at the afterparty who also works at the studio I'm currently working at. He squinted at me and says, "You look kind of familiar." I say, "I'm the one who rides a motorcycle." He brightens up and says, "OH! I've seen you walking down Ventura Blvd! I said to myself, 'Why the hell is she wearing a leather jacket? IT'S THE VALLEY!" Ah yes, I'm that Insane Leather Jacket-Wearing Freak. Nice to meet you!

There's more, but I'm hung over and lazy today. The pain is juuuuuuuuuuuust starting to set in. Tomorrow will be long and painful!

I can't wait to see the webcast!


George said...

Sounds great! (webcast url, maybe?)

mackdadd said...

You ladies were absolutely AWESOME Saturday night! I had my face painted FC colors, a sign, a big red #1 hand... It was a great night to be a die-hard FC fan!

And yeah, I agree, odd skateout. I made it and didn't quite get it. :)

Ken Mitchroney said...

Thanks for a Knee busting, Skull pounding, What! Screaming, Forehead kissing,Booty Shaking,Face slapping, Nap Drilling, Sharpie drawing, Whiskey swilling, Fight crew winning, Hell of a good time.
Area 51 salutes you.

Little Kenny said...

Congrats crazy lady! Wish I'd been there. :)

Cagey said...

Would you egregious penalty?! *drink* (of non-alcoholic beverage)