Friday, October 30, 2009

The logjam of radness has been released unto the world.

First we have Fight Crew's skateout from last Saturday. While the video was playing, we just huddled in the infield, then did a quick lap around the track.

Then we had fun winning.

Which included saying goodbye to retiring Siren skater Paris Killton.

But finally having a victory photo was SO WORTH IT.

Stalkerazzi put together an animated montage of all the photos he took Saturday night. Fascinating to watch!

Just to throw you off a bit, I've included a DRAWING. That I did! HOW ABOUT THAT?!

This is a Get Well card I did for my favorite TXRD person in the whole wide world, Cherry Chainsaw. She's been with the league from the very beginning in 2001. She just had her last game a couple of weeks ago.

Her team, the Cherry Bombs(yes, a TEAM was named after her! How awesome is that?!)made it to TXRD's season championships for the first time. This was Cherry's LAST GAME EVAR. Her team was doing great and so was she, until she managed to snap her leg giving a whip to her own jammer. FUCK! She asked afterwards, "I've been skating derby for nine years without a major injury. WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT I GET INJURED IN MY LAST GAME?!?!?!"

I concluded it was because she tempted the Retirement Gods too much, for she had claimed she was going to retire two seasons ago.

Heal fast, Cherry!

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