Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last of the Year...

A few more hours and it'll be 2010.

I can't wait for 2009 to be hasn't been a personally horrible year, but I'm always wanting to look upwards and onwards. Which would include having next year be ten thousand times better than this year. Including having a union gig so that I don't have to shell out $800 a month for COBRA all year. We'll see.

I'm getting over yet another cold-thingy. The flu shot didn't seem to work this year. Feh. So next year I'm keeping my $20 and buying another dvd instead.

The good thing about being sick so much is the urge to get back the endurance I lost from the day job. That seems to be going well, as I was able to scrimmage last night while doped up on cough medication and barely broke a sweat. I didn't play exceptionally well, but my endurance was great!

My new favorite show is Man v. Food. Why the hell didn't I tune in earlier? This show was made for slobs like me. I now want to become a competitive eater when I grow up, cos I can nom the hell outta food.

As a belated birthday present to myself, I got the raddest book ever. I accidentally stumbled across it at a local bookstore while shopping for the Dear Husband. And I promptly had a pleasant heart attack as I thumbed through the pages. MUST HAVE. I was on the bicycle, and the book is HUGE, so I went home and looked up the book on the bookstore's website. Not available.


Went to the publisher's website. Not in stock.


Then I remembered that I had a gift card from said bookstore stuck to the fridge, so I ambled back over on the bicycle and bought the book.


Welp, off to read some books and generally be boring on this NYE. Stay safe, kids!

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Genevieve said...

Looks like a gorgeous book! I hope you have a coffee table for that thing.