Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hiatus is OVER

New Year's Eve was very quiet. Didn't go out. Didn't whoop it up much. Just stayed at home, finished reading Official Book Club Selection by Kathy Griffin, and finally saw the Scientology episode of Southpark.

Didn't do a lot the rest of the weekend, either. Beach skating, some wRECk League skating(and nuturing badass blocker Krissy Krash), and just skating in general.

Hiatus from derby is now over.


Now that I'm Art Dept. co-head, I get to be in charge of annoying our artists to do more art crap for the league. A job I was born to do...too bad I don't get paid!

The LA Derby Dolls are having a training camp the first weekend of March. We have to organize the shit out of it and promote heavily. Last night at our Executive Committee meeting I made a pitch for doing a quick Youtube clip of our badass warehouse and track. It went something like:

"WHAT THE FUCK?! You don't like LA?! THE FUCK YOU DON'T! Look at what we have here! A fucking AWESOME warehouse! A goddam BANKED TRACK! A fucking flat track area! HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO COME HERE?! We're LA! FUCK YOU! Come visit us!"

If that's not gonna sell tickets to this thing, I don't know what will.

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but the closest I came to one was saying to myself that I have to draw more. I did that by going to a late night life drawing gathering on Monday in a restaurant in Little Tokyo. 5 20-minute poses and a glass of wine later, and I found out that compared to some of the other people there I didn't suck too bad, and I was sleepy as hell.

So I want to do that type of thing more.

In the meantime, I gotta start the ol' job hunt again. No job + bored me = too much goofing off online. Especially now that I have Gmail chat. Anytime you want to discuss the joys of Jersey Shore, be sure to look up taraarmov51.

Now, I must step away from the computer and do something!

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Julius Pleasar said...

Z. O. M. G.

What will it take to convince the rest of the EC that you screaming into a camera sprinkled with jump cuts to different areas of the Doll Factory is the best idea EVAR?!

I say we just film this anyway. I'll edit it down and we can show it to everyone and they will all die of awesome.